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You do shit and then you die.

  • Craze
  • 11/23/2011 03:10 PM
I played this game just now, and read the RPS review (well, I read part of it, then played the game when it told me to, and then finished reading it).

I mean, this is the kind of game that I find pointless and meaningless. That's why I never bothered playing it before the RPS article told me to, because I always walk away from these types of games going "that was a waste of my time."

Anything with pizzicato music, lo-fi graphics and abstract messages about death is, like, a 0/5 in my book. It's been done to undeath on Newgrounds, and it's not art because it's boring and it's trash. The fact that Upgrade Complete 2 had an "indie" mode that turned it into a black and white game with stereotypical "eerie" music and phrases flashing onto the screen going WHERE AM I, WHY AM I HERE, IS THIS HEAVEN OR HELL, etc. made me laugh the fuck out loud.

Wither didn't change my mind about this "indie" genre, because it's not part of that genre. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like it! I thought it was pointless, and not very entertaining. I finished it because I wanted to know what all the hype was about. It's not a part of that "indie" genre (how derogatory toward the wide-spread realm of actual indie games) because I could get that it was meant to be a game and not ~art~. You do shit. Nice.

Why 3/5, then? If this was only barely above a 0/5, how did three stars appear? Do twelve flowers equate to three stars? A 4:1 ratio? No, fool; it's that because Wither is a game and not an attempt at ~art~, I can respect it without liking it. It's called being grown-up!

Reasons for the stars:

1) Consistency. The game is in all caps. The game's graphics all work together perfectly, and you can always tell what they are. The music fit, even if I thought it was stupid (but nothing else would have worked, but since I didn't actually like anything else, there's no way to win here; so, take your star and go crawl into a grave with it).

2) Resolution. It was dumb in and of itself (and it was really in there), but honestly? You got your twelve flowers that visually appeared as twelve flowers on your menu screen (why didn't the coins show up?), which gives the game a sense of progression. When you finally leave the game, you've definitely completed it. Kudos for that.

3) The car. You have a car. Did it run into a tree? I think it ran into a tree. When you approach it, it crumbles. This was simple, probably done before, but still brilliant. I'd rate it 3 Joss Whedons out of 2.

Still, I didn't like it, and I don't think it's a fun or worthwhile experience. But hey, it's not the same shit as the actually bad shit, it's just not my cup of spiced black tea.

Wither is a game where you do shit and then you die.


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I don't care if there's drama or not, I'd just like to see more non-drama-related activity also.

Welcome to the real world. Is this your first time here?

It's natural to post more about things that bug you than about things that you agree with or condone. How many people call the store they had bought a product at just to tell them how good the product is? They usually call because there's something wrong with the product and want to place a complaint. When all is well there is no need for discussion. When something's wrong then steps should be taken to change it for the better and to do that you first have to discuss the issue. Furthermore, by telling others about the low quality of a product you keep them from wasting their time and money on it. What's so strange about that?

Aaand... if you want more non-drama activity, then make games, write reviews, participate in events. What can I tell you beyond "be the change you want to see?"
I once banned myself by mistake
That last point applies to all of us.

Make more games/reviews/events/articles people, and I will do my best to showcase them and the site.
I would like to point out that these review "discussions" tend to be more important and related to the site than 90% of the forum posts. Yeah it's usually reviews of reviews but I kind of like it that way, still shows that people actually care even if it's sometimes done in a negative way. Better than nothing I suppose.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Wow, I agree with Craze about something. This "game" is pretty pointless. The message it conveys doesn't fit into a "game" and the message itself isn't even that well delivered. The problem is that I'm unable to write my own review because I'm not even sure what to write beyond, "this is a boring game were you collect things and then it ends". Erm? That's not a review, that's just stupid; you could characterise a lot of games like that if you were being blunt. Blech.

EDIT: Although I certainly wouldn't give it 3 stars. 1 star maybe, and only because it doesn't crash and isn't completely unplayable. Probably 0.5 stars if I am being realistic. But, as I said, I wouldn't even know where to begin with writing a review about this "game".
What prevents it from being a game? Are Atari games and adventure games exempt due to their simplicity?
The powers of opinion! For some reason I enjoyed reading every comment posted on this review! Ugh . . . I need a friend . . .
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