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Should I change the title of this game to avoid confusion with the other one, or is it too late?

I been wondering if should change the title of this game. The reason I am wondering if I should is because I didn't know at first there is another game called Eternal Destiny, and I do not want people thinking this one is a fan game, or linked to that one. This is completely different than that one. So should I change the title, or is it too late to do that? Please give me your opinions on the title change even though it's my choice.


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It might be worth changing, but more because "Eternal Destiny" sounds very generic and doesn't grab me at all. Maybe move away from fantasy stock phrases and try something a bit more catchy.
That thing you want but never who I am
Internal Destiny
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
External Destiny

Edit: Jokes aside, Metty is right, I'd go for a less stock name ESPECIALLY if there's already a game with that name. Plus you're bound to be able to think of something better, you could even name it after food!!
Thank you Kloe, and SgtMettool. I'll change the name in the next update. :D
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