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"The Epic of Gilgamesh" is one of the oldest known recorded myths. For the first time in history, the epic is retold as a role-playing game using Ancient Sumerian scholar Danny P. Jackson's translation and artwork from the popular Final Fantasy video game series.

- a timeless story about coming to terms with the human condition
- graphics and music from Final Fantasy IV-VI and the rpgvx RTP
- a unique "sacrifice system" that allows player's to exchange spoils from battle for equipment and skill upgrades
- learn factoids about the real Ancient Sumer and experience their stories as never told before
- several optional bosses and side quests with more under developments
- more than 200 maps to explore
- 3.5 - 5.5 hours of gameplay

Main Characters (see http://www.gilgameshgame.com/index.php/about/characters/):

Gilgamesh:Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk, the largest city in the region of Sumer. His unparalleled strength and lack of fear have made his name known throughout the continent. While his subjects respect him for these qulities, he has recently begun to abuse his power

Enkidu:The villagers of Uruk call up to the Annunaki, the seven highest gods who watch over Sumer, to help them. They decide to send Gilgamesh a companion, Enkidu, a creature who is neither human nor beast. But is Enkidu a friend or foe? Their meeting is just the begging of a story which necessitated the invention of the word "epic". Transverse the Great Desert, pillage the Cedar Forest, descend to the Netherworld, climb the mountain to the highest eagle's nest, meet the unisex scorpion people and finally visit Dilmun, the home of the gods!

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May i download this Game of Epic Poetic-ness? Please?
Still no download?? Should this be in 'Completed'?
This game is amazing! The characters, to re-telling, etc. The only problem I've seen is after using a confusion attack, the character is frozen and the battle can not go on, leaving the game unable to continue. Aside from that, the game is fantastic.
This is a query about Kain. You have given him a high MP which carries on increasing with levelling up; but you have only given him one skill - and that one is a zero MP skill anyway. Did you forget to put his skills in, or is this the way it's intended?

By the way, your own website is showing Anu's Temple as still under development, but obviously it can't be if I've got Kain.
Congrats on getting Kain. Everything is complete in the game - I just didn't take out Kain's MP and I haven't updated my website in a while. I'm thinking of starting a contest asking people to write a player's guide for the temple and other side-quests, with the best one being published on my site and getting a signed hard-copy of the game with a pretty jewel case. Let me know if you're interested.
I've finished the whole game, but I must admit I was thrown by the fact that if you enter the Void and go through it you then have the end credits. Fortunately I had an earlier save and so could go back to the Depths and on to Enlil's Wrath - but again that takes you to the end credits; so it seems that you either do the main quest or all the optional dungeons, but can't do both. Is that right, or have I missed some cunning way of getting round that?
Pretty much - you can't save after either the battle with Enlil or Exdeath, which technically means there's no way to get a perfect game. You can however save after beating the tower of babel, which is harder than the void (or is supposed to be at least), so getting the reward for beating its' boss is kind of like having a complete game.
You can however save after beating the tower of babel, which is harder than the void (or is supposed to be at least),

Yes, that boss is harder. I can see that not being able to save after Enlil makes sense, but I can't see why Exdeath has to lead to the end credits; it doesn't seem to be required by the logic of the game, and would just need, say, a simple dialogue box telling him to go back and complete what he had set out to do. The present arrangement feels rather unsatisfactory.
Where do I get the key for the tower in the southern swamp?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
the mapping. is horrendous

feels odd looking at the background with a giant tree despite it having been destroyed

General 1H+ dropped (tired of pointless battles)


i don't recommend this
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