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Like a lot of RPGs; you are the protagonist, you obtain allies, you fight the antagonist and you beat the Game. My game won't really be all that different.

Im still in the process of fleshing this out, but this is the general view of it.

You start out as "Sarah", a young mage with impressive magic potential. You're set
on on a simple enough delivery quest, which eventually leads you into the plot.

An Evil Demonic has been attacking areas of the kingdom. You and your new allies
set out to stop this, but you find out exactly how unmatched you really are.

with many story cliches and lvl grinding, you go on to face this evil only to find
out that there are NOW more things to worry about then just this one Demonic.

Latest Blog

Boss Battles with a kick... Part 1

Most of my Ideas aren't "Unique", but it does give you an Idea of what the
Final version of my game would be like.


Boss battle - Kate

Nothing too crazy about this battle, unless special requirements are met.
Being a Cat-girl she displays many characteristics of one, So if you cast
a water spell on her, she will go BESERK.

Her Atk, Spd, Def increase... while her M.Def goes down.

& it stacks if you continue... if her health is below 50% and you're still
being Evil with the Water spells, She will unleash an attack that you won't survive. (at the time you fight her)


Boss battle - The Adventures

The Healer - Who doesn't attack but heals the PARTY.
The Warrior - Who does the most damage. (Protects Healer - Physical)
The Thief - Who attacks the most often. (Protects Healer - Status)
The Mage - Who can can spells of entire party. (Protects Healer - Magical)

You can't JUST attack 1 enemy hoping it will die if you hit them often enough.
-Since the Healer will just heal them.-

You will need to Attack Multiple Enemies and wither them all down.
-The Healer would only be able to Heal 1 at a time.-

Once you Defeat an enemy protecting the healer, You could attack them with what was protecting them.


Boss Battle - the Clown (Random encounter)

he isn't very strong but he will have about 5000HP

If you do not kill him after your 1st turn, He throws a Bomb at you and then Runs.
If you DO beat him, you get a Key to unlock a special Chest.

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I liked this game so far, subscribed. :3
You probably should have held off on a release until you had something a bit more show-worthy, rather than a short intro of you running around doing errands. But all in all, it was still adorable and even fun to play and shows promise. You should work on the interior mapping. The outside of the village isn't great, but a lot more appealing than the indoor maps.
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