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It's best if you wait for Patch 4 (~June 2012)

Download Link in Download Section

Patch 3 (Outdated since on March 30, 2012 Patch 3.1 was released. This patch was put up on 14-7-2011; Replace GAME file in existing folder with this to patch):

Background Mythos:
There are three realms, it is told. The first is the realm of chaos, of infinite possibility. The second is of order, of a divine perfection that holds the essences of all that adhere to order.

Then, there is the third realm, a realm where reflection is the rule and order and chaos mix to create a new, fresh reality.
The reflection of celestial order is split into the elements. These elements were then worshipped by the various people of the world, who built temples called Temoke as shrines to the (what they viewed as) fundamental forces that comprised their life. Fire, ice, wind, and earth, which all combined to give them their life, were viewed as the only necessary components of life…

Long ago, a malevolent dragon of the skies appeared from nowhere and laid waste to the land, but a hero garbed in green (the color of life) forged a celestial sword from the elements and cunningly sealed away the beast. Again with the use of the elements, the people rebuilt their civilization.

The same group responsible for the incident did not die away. It continued in an underground fashion, operating until the present day. Once again it plans to release the Third Realm Dragon. When it does so, they plan to take its power over the seasons and sculpt the world as they see fit.

The Story as You are Involved:
Your main character is one day washed up on a beach, without any memories of his life up until that point. He is soon taken up by the local community of Cierna, a small village at the foot of Mount Bardoh, though separated by the Orabe Forest.

Will you find Group O? Can you stop them? Will Hero turn out to be a Legendary Hero?
Will you save the world? Can you find out how to? Will you destroy all that is good and join the dark side? Sorry, you can’t do the latter.

Script Credits:
KGC: Custom_Menu_Command, BattleDifficulty, CategorizeItem, CategorizeSkill, Item_in_Battle, Equip Scene, Encryption, TitleDirection, Equip_Scene
Enu: SBS Configurations, Sideview 1 (3.3d), Sideview 2 (3.3d)
Kylock: Enemy Animated Battlers
Experimental Kaduki Script
Synthesize: Battle Backgrounds
Woratana: Neo Message System, Simple Debugger, Mix Skills System, Move Commands +Plus, Neo Save System 3, ChangeWindowskin,, Map Credit, Icon Preview Window, Back-Up
Hanzo Kimura: HK Animated Title Screen
Yanfly: Shop Redux, Bitmap Fix, Stop All Movement, Variable Dash Speed, Debug Extend
Puppeto4: Hidden Timer
Kylock: Light Effects
Moon$: Game Over Menu
Syvkal: Cogwheel Bars, Ring Menu
Piejama: Gauge Script
Mr. Anonymous: Passability Mini Map
Khas': VX_SP1
Khas: Amethyst Custom Movement
BulletXt: swap_tile
SuperOverlord: Jump Script
OriginalWij: Hookshot
Modern Algebra: Kill Autoshadows
ziifee: Battle Spin
Anaryu: Anti-Lag
???: Enemy Gauge Add-on

Special Mention:
catcat for basically ALL monster battle sprites (except the dragon!) He also made Alan’s sprite. And he made a big sidequest.
Catcat also did the spritework for alternate costumes. Woooh!
Catcat caught a ton of mistakes while doing this.
My sister for beta testing.
Catcat’s snow tiles
Jaeroll for the Title Artwork!
A sprite generator for Raizzen’s HAIR. If you know it, please let me know.
LPE animation art for Transformation Animation.
D*M: Future Tiles (LINK: http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?&showtopic=10271)
Mack tiles belong to Mack
Dr. Disastro for some specially made themes (the battle theme, Celestial Temoke theme, and Bardoh Summit theme!)
And PokeRemixStudio on Youtube for his Sootopolis Remix!
Pokemon BW Entralink and Ancient Castle song are used. These songs belong to Nintendo/Pokemon and I claim no ownership to them.

Did I mention catcat?

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So, I just need to say that the Super Help Document is sliiiiightly off. :)
I set the game to step up certain difficulty levels at some point, so that document is actually the most accurate when it comes to the easy mode of battling.
Hard has gotten nerfed in terms of beginning difficulty (it is actually much more playable now) but picks up in the middle of the game, just like with the other modes.

In other news:
Also as a side note I'm working with Catcat (Omega-Dev, rpgmakervx, RRR) to make a short game. Our "studio" is called Catoclysmic Games. He actually helped me a toooooon with the spriting in Third Realm, and I don't think I could have completed it without him! But you can expect something wholly different from this game to be released later on. When we come out with some art of it, I may post it. We've gotten some of the maps done, but nothing big yet.

It's not part of Karoshi Chronicles, my pet project, either, but I'm working on the first official game in that series too... on the side.

I have no idea when we'll be able to pick them up though. Here's hoping that we do eventually get rolling!
Hey could you please help me. I could use stop time when i started the game but now each time i hit "w" on my keyboard the game pops up a message "script Hookshot line 399: Type erroe occured. canot iterate from Float" and then crushes
We will release a Patch 4 in the future that includes extended storyline (Part 2), more sidequests, a balanced, varied, and restructured battle system, and a fix to glitches like that. :)
It will probably be out sometime in June.

Thanks for the heads up!
We will release a Patch 4 in the future that includes extended storyline (Part 2), more sidequests, a balanced, varied, and restructured battle system, and a fix to glitches like that. :)
It will probably be out sometime in June.

as of 1/8/2013 the link is broken, plz reupload so i can play/review your game, pre-patched version preferable. thanks
not only is patch 4 late by about 5 years, the download for the actual game also appears to be gone. The casualties sure are piling up
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