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Long ago there was a great and bloody conflict between Heaven and Hell...
Each side gaining nor losing ground.
With the Material Realms on the brink of destruction...
The most powerful of all holy fighters arose to the challenge!
The mighty Astarian Templar were brought to the front lines of the war.
And there they made a name for themselves...
Holding back legion upon legion, the Templar were accomplishing the impossible...
Once the armies were driven back...
The Astarian Priests created a living shield called The Blood Aegis.
This living shield was able to divide the Demon and Material Realms for good.
Peace returned as life advanced further without fear of another bloody war...

400 years later...
The skies have been growing dark...
And in the shadows of civilization whispers stir of demons in their midst.
Calling upon their ancestral duty...
The Templar send out hundreds of teams to locate where the demons had been...
The worst fears have now once again come true for the Warriors of Light...
That the Arch-devils have returned...

-This is technically my first game, as I have had 2 other previous versions that never saw the light of day. (back before I knew how to do variables :x)
I'm going to be working hard on this so I can get out a completed first chapter which will serve as the demo, show what the game is about.

Latest Blog

What to expect from Blood Aegis...

Blood Aegis is a high fantasy world in where good struggles against evil.
Pretty generic, right?
Well, if you like classic turn based RPGs then I think you will enjoy the game!
It might have a few elements that people arent fond of such as random battles and heavy grinding. But I honestly think it works well here and that it wont get repetitive. I try to combat the monotone grind by offering powerful weapons early on that you can work towards whilst leveling to defeat the bosses.

I also believe the battles are stratigic enough to hold interest, and while some enemies you can just spam attack there is usually a better and more efficent way of doing it.
So if you enjoy a challenge then you might want to give it a try. And of course I am always open to suggestions on more stratigic methods as I have helped myself to some of the articles on here concerning such things. (Such as LockeZ's article and most of the posters there.)
I want something that feels unique and original, that is enjoyable for a dime a dozen rm rpg game.

So, with that all said...Blood Aegis Episode 1 demo (I call it a demo because I havent completed the two ending paths for the chapter, just the bosses and a small resolve)

-3 Story related bosses
-1 optional boss (with unique item)
-3 dungeons one being optional
-1 to 2 hours of gameplay (depending how you play)
-2 minor differing paths (one with unique boss fight)
-max level 10 with many skills to explore!

I hope this piques a few people's intetest. Give it a try, it's my first "real" attempt at a full fledged fantasy rpg, and I am in need of opinions and suggestions. Good or bad, i'll listen.

Peace out RMN!
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  • 09/18/2011 10:04 AM
  • 11/13/2013 09:30 PM
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
well since noone said anything ill subb and give feedback when ive got around to trying it
thanks for the effort :D
Subbed and hope to see more info.
Thank you both for the support! :) The first episode will be complete very soon.
I hate having to ask, but please, any feedback is wanted! I'd love to hear from the community.
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