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Waffleheart, a legendary hero from times long forgotten that sacrificed his life to seal away an evil demon.

Mitch, a simple slave that was dumped by his girlfriend and wants to leave his farm.

What do these two have in common? fate! Using a unique combination of humor and epic-happenings, Mitch goes on a quest to escape slavery and find his true purpose as the descendant of the legendary warrior Waffleheart.

The world of Acirema has lived in peace for thousands of years, making the history of the story of Waffleheart seem like a fable. Little do they know that the demon Reimos that had enslaved the human race eons ago is about to be released from his tomb.

Mitch and his haphazard group of friends slowly learn that they are destined to be the defenders of Acirema. They travel to barren lands, and overcome insurmountable odds in order to find the relics left by Waffleheart. Given no choice by the twisting hands of fate, tensions between group members can be pretty high. Implemented in this game are a unique set of character relations that can ultimately shape the ending of the game. Does all end well in the world of Acirema? Or does it end in tragedy? You decide.

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The page got approved :)

There is a lot of steam rolling behind this game right now, I am breaking the mold of my usual RPGs. I am focusing entirely in quality rather than quantity.

Should have a demo of chapter 1 up as soon as I finish it.
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