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Battles Redone

  • Sauce
  • 12/15/2011 09:07 AM

The battlecharas and animations have been redone. We found that having the battlechara disappear and including it in the battle animation for the attacks gives us much much more flexibility. The same goes for hiding the monster set to do fancy attacks on the party.

Also, we're going with monster graphics based off the ingame charasets. The reason being that a great majority of the enemies you fight are human. It's not the prettiest look, but it's nice and consistent with the human party member battlecharas. And it's within the range of our spriting abilities, drawing up enemy graphics with weapon poses.

Lastly, the battle backgrounds will be capped straight from the maps where the fights happen. This does two things: A) makes it easier to have a good matching background. B) gives it that Chrono Trigger feel where you fought right where the encounter happens.


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We'll take any suggestions for creative attacks, too. If you've seen our cutscenes, you know we like to get carried away. And we'd love to translate that into our battles.
Glad you guys like the animations.

Sauce and i are slowly becoming more confortable making the individual sprites/ frames. when making the animations, i try to keep track of the parts of the body that may move subtly like the hips and the shoulders when swinging, jumping, etc.

My goal is to create some wildly entertaining animations for some the later skills. i think our character variety will allow some interesting actions.
Thanks, guys.

Credit to NewBlack for helping me with a critical detail. Phenix often changes in and out of the red armor he wears. But since the battle animation comes from the weapon itself, I needed a perpetual check and fix for if Phenix is wearing armor or not. NewBlack helped me with those logistics.

That looks really good! I can only imagine how disappearing can be used to make special attacks look epic.

The BoF 3 battle music doesn't hurt either. ;)
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