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Slight delay, but looking for testers.

  • Sauce
  • 08/04/2012 08:08 PM
Dunno why I didn't foresee that the loose ends would be colossal, but they are. So our released is gonna be delayed another week, maybe two.

In any case, we're still looking for more testers. Let us know here if you're interested. It could be for testing the minigames only, if you don't have time to test the whole thing. There's aplenty of minigames.


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Sorry for the wait. It's about ready to go. Wednesday, I'll package the release for the testers. I guess we got three testers, which should be plenty.

I plan on separating a couple puzzles, minigames, and timed courses for testing. I can have that out tomorrow. Mostly because they need to be tested for difficulty.

Let me know if you're still available, I know I requested testers a couple weeks ago. I didn't realize how much longer it would take to finish the loose ends, but it's ready now.
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