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Release Day

  • Sauce
  • 08/30/2012 04:02 AM
Well, it's a little later than expected, but it's finally here.

Instead of calling it a demo, since it's much too long for a demo, we're making it the first installment. At the end of it, you'll get a save prompt, and that file can be used to transfer party data to the next installment.

Let us know on if there's any glitches, bugs, missing files, etc, and we'll make updates accordingly.



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Okay, so some players had trouble with a certain faceset name, causing some gamebreaking crashes. So I went back and replaced the faceset and reuploaded the game. Should be working. Let me know if there's any other problems.
ARGH!!! Missing another file!

You can find it here if you've already downloaded.

Sledge - Cloak

Unzip and the file inside belongs in the charaset folder.

It's fairly later in the game, hence only one person noticed it so far, a day after I first released. But EVERYONE will run into this problem, not just a few.

If you redownload the game. You should be able to take your save right out of the old folder. It's called "Save01.lsd, Save02.lsd, etc" and put it in the new folder, for those of you who don't already know that.
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