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CBS version incoming

  • Sauce
  • 06/20/2013 03:50 AM
Since everyone agrees that our default battle system is pointless(including us), we're tossing it in favor of a little custom action.

The concept is simple. It's similar to the Cave boss minigame, except streamlined, based on character statistics and allows for use of skills. We'll have those statistics apply to the other minigames. This also makes the minigames a more logical extension of the gameplay. The existing story QTE events will not result in battles when you fail. We're taking a Heavy Rain like interactive cutscene approach to those.

This probably sounds like some kind of outrageous change to make to a game that's several years in the making, likely causing a massive setback in progress... but I'm actually done the programming already. The cbs, skills available in chapter 1, and the custom menu are ready to go. We're on to balancing the enemies.

Here's a quick WIP look at the skill menu Bones put together:

Only thing missing is the individual skill icons we have to draw.

I'm not sure how long it'll take to balance. Hopefully less than a week, since there's only... 5 or 6 types of enemies? Afterwards, we're gonna need testers, I think... anyone interested?


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Those skill descriptions have me cracking up!

I like the fact that you guys are using a CBS system, as it'll make the game that much more unique. I really wish I had the time to be a tester, but my job has been killing me lately.
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