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A young boy, Isaac, realizes that he is the chosen. But he isn't just any chosen. He was chosen to resurrect the Dark Lord, Disgaea. Sure he doesn't know that in the beginning. But at the end of the process, he finally realizes that he has been doing the complete opposite of what they told him. He was told that he needed to break the 5 seals by destroying the demon that is binding each one of the chains of Disgaea. He was being tricked by his close friend Maxwell. He is a servant of the dark lord. Isaac doesn't know it though. Isaac also makes new friends, Vanessa, Richard, and Aylene, while he is on his journey to damnation. Isaac fights through many monsters and goes through many situations just to do what he was told. When Isaac finally realizes what he has been doing was wrong, he gets himself and his friends in a many problems just so he can restore what he has already done.



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So how do you like it? (11/24/11)

Okay so I was wondering, How do you guys like DEMO? Is there any improvements I need to make ? New sprites? More Dialogue detail? Anything I should improve upon you can comment or message! There is always room for improvement! All opinions will be taken into account! So please help me with this game :)
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  • 09/28/2011 05:28 AM
  • 10/16/2022 11:45 AM
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