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So how do you like it? (11/24/11)

Okay so I was wondering, How do you guys like DEMO? Is there any improvements I need to make ? New sprites? More Dialogue detail? Anything I should improve upon you can comment or message! There is always room for improvement! All opinions will be taken into account! So please help me with this game :)


WOW MOMENT! (11/22/11)

Okay, SO I NOTICED THAT ONLY 1 PERSON DOWNLOADED THE FONT FIX! Is it that you don't need it? Or you guys just don't care if the Font is hideous! Well, GO DOWNLOAD IT! AND THE GAME! MAKE ME HAPPY!

Progress Report

Demo Available (11/21/11)

DEMO IS FINALLY AVAILABLE! Progress is still quite low due to no free time!



Hello makers! I have a couple announcements to make

Reviews -_- : So I've been reading reviews on a couple games I've liked. And I realized... THAT THEY SUCKED! I realized that people review these games really harsh! It's making me all scared about my game. Because I'm using sprite rips from TOTW: ND3 and music from some tales games and Golden Sun, and some more. I noticed that a lot of people review harsh on that D: . It's making me paranoid about my game!!!!! So if my game sucks to you... I'm sorry. It's my first game. What can I say.


This is another video. This video is just the introduction. Might be cliche or something but I'm trying my best. This is my first game. Cut me some slack Dx

I've also added a Mini-Map, and I've changed the battle entry transition. Just made it basic, clean, and simple. I hope my game is good :( . Not as good as like, Alter Aila or Starless Umbra, but at least as good as Befuddled or Hero's Realm :( Or at least not 1 Star. Dx



Hello! I've finally recorded a video! I've used the newest HyperCam. Surprisingly, it didn't have some "Unregistered Hypercam" logo on the top of the screen! But I've finally got some footage. I just recorded a random battle in the game.

NOTE: Someone of the animations I used aren't mine! So I don't wanna take credit! If someone's going to take credit it's J-Mans awesome animations! I've used them from Phantasia Remake. I will be using my own. It was just for now because J-Man can make some killer animations.

Progress Report

REVISED STORY (10/12/11)

The revised story has been updated. Tell me what you think about it. I thought of making a little twist in the story. Instead of the chosen trying to do something like regenerate the world, he is being tricked to resurrect the Dark Lord. I've also updated something things such as, the battle system, the face set template, and added another character. I didn't want to make it a game with more that 4 characters to play as. I'm sorry about that. I've also renamed the game to Legacy: Salvation. I hope that sounds good. Thanks for the time. Laters.


BIG CHANGE! (10/9/11)

There will be a HUGE change in Legacy. Sorry for the inconvenience :P

Battle System: I've changed the battle system to the gauge. I think it looks cooler. Tell me what you guys think though!

Storyline: I have changed the storyline a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience in the front where the synopsis will be. It will be updated ASAP!!!!

Extra: Still looking for PROGRESS testers. I need someone to progress test Legacy. The progress testing will not be at the moment but I will soon need one.

Sorry for all the inconvenience . But shout out to my first subscriber! And I've finally passed 1000 profile views. Thank you guys for your support! And by the way, what is a good screen capture application? I've tried many , but the file is way to huge. One of the videos I've tried to record went up to 1.6 GB? That's insane for a 3 minute video?! So please, I need some help. I don't want to sound picky, but can I also get one that doesn't show the name of it in the video. Like what Fraps and Hypercam do. They both show their names on the video. I want one that just shows the video. Thank you guys.



Okay so I am not that far in my game, but I've made a lot of progress. It's maybe only 20-30 minutes of gameplay but I still need someone or a few people to progress test my game. I want specific details and opinions on what I can improve or change or remove. I really want some critique on this. So I need some testers :D

Progress Report


So far, I've made a lot of progress on the beginning. The game might seem a little bit fast in the beginning, like it kinda exposes a lot in the beginning, but that is just how it going to go. So far I've completed the game all the way up to the first boss. Soon I might upload a "progress demo" for people to play. When I upload it, I want some opinions, credit, critique, or anything that can help me make this game better, or make this game fun for the users. Thank you for taking the time out to read this.


SHORT UPDATE (9/28/11)

This is a short update about the Analyze Skill & the System 1 Graphics.

Analyze Skill: I took Skie Fortress's critique about putting all of the enemy stats on just one message box. I also thought how it should've been in one box in the first place because it would be a lot easier to see all the stats on one message rather than a separate message with Name, HP, and MP on one, and basic ATK, DEF, INT, and AGI stats.

System 1 Graphics: I've changed the color of the System Graphics to blue. To me, it seems better. But if you think I should keep it back to the red color, then just comment. I guess the majority rules.
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