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BIG CHANGE! (10/9/11)

There will be a HUGE change in Legacy. Sorry for the inconvenience :P

Battle System: I've changed the battle system to the gauge. I think it looks cooler. Tell me what you guys think though!

Storyline: I have changed the storyline a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience in the front where the synopsis will be. It will be updated ASAP!!!!

Extra: Still looking for PROGRESS testers. I need someone to progress test Legacy. The progress testing will not be at the moment but I will soon need one.

Sorry for all the inconvenience . But shout out to my first subscriber! And I've finally passed 1000 profile views. Thank you guys for your support! And by the way, what is a good screen capture application? I've tried many , but the file is way to huge. One of the videos I've tried to record went up to 1.6 GB? That's insane for a 3 minute video?! So please, I need some help. I don't want to sound picky, but can I also get one that doesn't show the name of it in the video. Like what Fraps and Hypercam do. They both show their names on the video. I want one that just shows the video. Thank you guys.