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Quick Question

So I realize the demo up is pretty old. I was hoping to have more done before I released a second demo, but as Celianna's ship tileset is on delay, I was wondering if people thought I should just release the Ace demo as is, with placeholder maps. I'd like to share, but I don't want to bore people with releasing the same demo over and over. What does anyone think?


Dialogue Teaser

Below is a scene I have working on in which Marcus is reunited with his wife Amy, after 10 years of being shipwrecked on the island of Aliquam. This contains major spoilers, but I wanted to share a piece of what I was working on with everyone. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

(scene fades into Amy’s home)

Marcus: And that’s how I finally got back.

Amy: I’m so sorry, I...I’m...I just can’t believe you’re alive!

Marcus: Hey, it’s ok, I’m home now. It feels good to be home.

Amy: ...you’re so thin, can I make something for you? You must be starving!

Marcus: Ah, I’ll be alright. Seeing you again is nourishment enough for me.

Amy: *blushes* You always did know the right thing to say...

Marcus: Well, you always made it easy to.

Piper: Mommy, mommy!

(Piper and Conley walk in)

Amy: Yes, what is it Piper?

Piper: Conley threw a frog at me!

Conley: Did not!

Piper: Did to!

Amy: Conley, is that true?

Conley: No!

Amy: Conley, tell mommy the truth.

Conley: Ok...yes, but she called me a booger face first!

Amy: Is this true Piper?

Piper: ...yes...

Amy: You know we don’t call each other names, I want you to apologize to your brother.

Piper: ..sorry Conley...

Amy: And Conley, even if someone calls you a name, that doesn’t give you the right to throw frogs at them. Don't you think you should apologize to your sister?

Conley: ...sorry Piper...

Amy: Ok, thank you both, run along now.

Conley: Hey mister, that’s a cool bow! Are you a hunter?

Marcus: I am, and thank you. My father gave me this bow, he was a hunter too.

Conley: Cool! When I grow up, I want to be a hunter!

Marcus: Well, I’ll tell you what, you can have this.

Conley: Oh wow, an arrowhead! Thanks mister!

Marcus: You’re welcome, be careful with it now.

Piper: Hey! What about me?

Marcus: I’ve got something for you too.

Piper: A necklace! It’s so pretty!!

Marcus: And it will look especially pretty on you.

Piper: Thank you!!

Conley: Let’s go show dad!

Piper: Yeah!

(the kids run off)

Amy: ...you kept the necklace...

Marcus: Yeah, it helped remind me of you..so...

Amy: I got married.

Marcus: I thought you might have.

Amy: I would never...

Marcus: I know.

Amy: If I knew you were alive...

Marcus: I probably would have done the same thing.

Amy: I didn’t want to. It just kind of...happened. One day Clifford was just there. He took care of me. I was a mess.

Marcus: You don’t have to defend yourself, I understand.

Amy: I had to bury you. They had to pry me off your casket.

Marcus: There was a casket?

Amy: There is an entire memorial built to you, it’s at the pond, behind the house. King Magnus himself came for the service.

Marcus: What was inside?

Amy: Some clothes, a bow, arrows, anything that represented you.

Marcus: Ha, I guess that’d be about it.

(a knock at the door)

Amy: Come in!

(Faeroe enters)

Marcus: Were you looking for me Faeroe?

Faeroe: Actually, someone named Geoffrey Fulton is. Said he wanted to meet the man that everyone is talking about.

Marcus: Fulton eh? The name isn’t familiar, I guess I should find out what he wants.

Amy: It was great seeing you Marcus. I just want you to know, no matter what I’ll always love you.

Marcus: You too.

(Marcus turns to leave)

Amy: And Marcus...I’m really glad you’re alive.

Marcus: You too. *grins*

(scene fades into Caudine Manor)

Progress Report

Accident recovery update, game updates.

So I've been recovering well from my accident. While my arm will probably be in a brace for the next couple months still, I've been able to use it pretty well. I also should be weight bearing on my leg in about 2 weeks which means I'll be getting back to my job not long after that.

Anyway, on to my game update. I've mapped a couple towns that are don't immediately impact the story but will be accessible later. I've also added a medium difficulty box pushing puzzle on the island of Aliquam that, when completed, allow Adelaide to learn the sleep skill, and pick up some items along the way.

I've also tightened up the skill/battle system so it's much more tolerable and I've greatly reduced the frequency of random encounters so exploring, especially early on in the Den of the Baragon, is more enjoyable.

I've also been working on rewriting some of the dialogue as I really don't like Faeroe's character right now, and Pierce, which he's supposed to be stoic, doesn't exactly work.

Finally, I've talked to Indrah about hiring her to remake the Seahawk maps once Celianna's ship tileset comes out. So as soon as those two things are done, the new demo will be released, which will take the character from the beginning through to Aliquam, maybe farther depending on if I can fix the battle with Ursaurus, which would then make the demo take us all the way through to Caudine.


A setback

So for those of you who haven't heard, about 3 weeks ago, I fell off a train bridge and did some pretty serious damage and was in the hospital for some time. It's been a pretty big setback to the project as I was re-concussed and while its gotten better, I've been adjusting and trying to remember what I was going to do next. I also broke my right arm in two places so using the computer hasn't been as easy as I'd like.

That said, I've spent my time reorganizing everything and setting things up for a more efficient work flow. I've opened new google account strictly for the game and I've been using google drive to organize all my databasing stuff, game concepts, items, ideas, everything. I figure this will make it easier to work outside of the engine and since it all autosaves, I wont have to worry about losing my ideas and organization of ideas. Then once that is done, I can just plug stuff into the engine and streamline the whole process. So far, its been working great.

I've also used google drive to backup everything, resource downloads, the game, everything RM related, I zipped up and uploaded to google drive (yay for 5 gb of free space!). This makes me feel a lot more confident in knowing all my work (including digging up and making resources) is all secure online.

Anyway, I know this seems pretty rambling but I'm falling asleep from the meds as I type this. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon, but for now thats all. Thanks everybody!

Progress Report

Getting closer...

So I got all the dialogue written and printed out and my wonderful wife is going through and editing my terrible dialogue into something wonderful and believable!

Also, I've been troubleshooting a lot of the events from the transfer to Ace that I somehow missed before (the fade ins, transfers, weather events all that jazz, completely screwed up through most of the game). Also, working on smoothing out some of the awkwardness of some of the scenes.

I have created one new map in all of this that is up in the images section, the entrance to Cluniac Pass, which will (eventually) be a fun area of the game.

Ummm, I've also redone all the game credits to reflect the Ace build of the game, so once the new demo is ready, I'll be redoing all the game pages here on the site.

Oh! I also have a step counter script now thanks to the wonderful Rachel over at RMW. I've also been playing around with the music and sound effects for a lot of the maps and I really like the cohesive-ness of all the selections I have. (A lot of RM stuff including the DS music, but also using Gyrowolf and Ice Dragons musics as well).

Finally I'm also working on writing some music of my own (have three simple loops right now, want to build them into something better though).

Anyway, I think that's all! Once my wife completes editing the script (I'm guessing in a month or so), I will implement the changes and finally release the Ace demo!

Progress Report

Status Update!

Ok, so I've actually been able to get some work done on the game. The intro sequence is done! I'm happy with how it looks, the dialogue, everything.

I've also remapped Syrillia again, added a few new houses, redid some music and sound effects, some more game related dialogue and some other neat stuff. Also added some extra mapping to the Den of the Baragon.

Still working on overhauling the database, it's getting there but there is still a lot of work to do to balance everything out.

Added some new battle scripts (multi-target, target arrows, damage pop-up) and I'm looking to implement a better random encounter script at some point too (minimum steps).

I've been working on writing out all the game's dialogue from start to finish so I can tweak some of the characters personalities (Faeroe seems like a schizo right now). Once this is done (all written out that is) I'll be working on rewriting a lot of the games dialogue. Once this is done enough to get through the Syrillia scene, I will probably be ready to release a demo in Ace. So be prepared for that at some point. (Should be much better than the VX demo).

Progress Report

Sidelined with a concussion, finally delivering an update!

Ok, so about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago I got a pretty serious concussion and haven't been able to use the computer/work on my game for some time. I'm starting to get back into the swing of things as I recover, but to be completely honest, it's a slow process. I don't remember what needed to be worked on, what was in progress or anything for the most part. I thought I had a lot more written down than I did, but unfortunately I either lost it, or I never wrote it down.

So I'm relearning the program and reworking some of the stuff to try and jog my memory. No huge updates, but I am back to work on the game. The intro scene has been my primary focus for now, but I've also been able to work with the battle system a little more as VE scripts have fixed some of the major bugs I was running into. As of right now, the battle system is turn-based instead of ATB, but I'm hoping a good ATB script will come along at some point that will work with my scripts.

Anyway, good to be back, great to see some of the stuff going on in the community and I can't wait to get this thing up and running so I can release a proper demo in the newer Ace format. See ya!

Progress Report

Syrillia Done, Working through kinks in Ace, etc.

So the town of Syrillia has been completely remapped. While it looks much different (and better) now, the core of the town is still basically the same. I added one other building that will be inaccessible but can eventually be gotten to via puzzle/quest solving.

The town of Caudine is almost done, just a few more maps to finish it up. The town is populated with an interesting cast of NPC's that I think give the game some life.

I've also been redoing all the event transfers in the game as the switch from VX to Ace made them wierd, as well as working out all the kinks with music and sound effects and tile passability, etc. (new music added).

The Den of the Baragon is now a dark cave, only lit by a torch that Faeroe carries, so there will be a halo of light making the cave a little more realistic.

I'm working on some custom music and more custom animations right now. I'm hoping to add a mini game in at some point, which I'm tossing some ideas around for right now (something simple like a fishing or a jump rope mini game).

I've also added some depth to the story that won't be developed until much later, but there are a couple ideas that will really bring the characters to life as the game progresses.

Still populating the item/weapon database as I go along. Things have changed a little bit during the switch so I'm working at making that work as well.

The battle system is in shambles, not having found an ATB-SBS script combo that I really like. Victor Engine is working well but is too fast/has some bugs, so I don't want to get too involved with it and waste my time.


CSS! Project update, etc.

Thanks to Adon237, this page is now up and running with custom CSS!!! Looks great doesn't it? All credit goes to him!

As for the game, it's hit a slow point right now. Switching over to Ace is taking it's toll on my enthusiasm but I'm working through it. One of the most annoying parts is getting all the tilesets set up.

As far as scripts go, the game currently has animated, sideview battle and a steal script installed, but that's about it right now. I'm looking for a less buggy/laggy ATB script and a new victory aftermath to go with it. All in due time I guess.

I'm also working on some animated characters, so instead of static conversations, I would eventually like all the character sets to have talking animations. If nothing else it will give a little personality to the game and help set it apart from some of the other games out there.

The opening sequence is also being worked on as I put together more of how to present the backstory to the game, but I'm hoping to bring more story in to the Ace demo once I'm able to get the game back up and running to that point.

April should be a less busy/stressful month then March has been, but we won't know until we get there. ;)


The conversion has started, animations, etc.

With the release of Ace, I've started porting this project over to the new maker. The maps are mostly converted aside from passability settings. I don't have any scripts installed yet and it looks like that might be the biggest hangup going forward because I want to keep the sideview battle system.

So, with that in mind, I've been working on graphics and animations that will liven up some of the characters and scenes. Faeroe has a bunch of animations done and I'm working on making some animated piano players (Kenny in the Pub in Syrillia will actually be playing the piano instead of just standing at it now!).

Also, I've almost reached 50 downloads!!! If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it, and if not, I guess no news is good news right?
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