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Accident recovery update, game updates.

  • tpasmall
  • 12/14/2012 04:46 AM
So I've been recovering well from my accident. While my arm will probably be in a brace for the next couple months still, I've been able to use it pretty well. I also should be weight bearing on my leg in about 2 weeks which means I'll be getting back to my job not long after that.

Anyway, on to my game update. I've mapped a couple towns that are don't immediately impact the story but will be accessible later. I've also added a medium difficulty box pushing puzzle on the island of Aliquam that, when completed, allow Adelaide to learn the sleep skill, and pick up some items along the way.

I've also tightened up the skill/battle system so it's much more tolerable and I've greatly reduced the frequency of random encounters so exploring, especially early on in the Den of the Baragon, is more enjoyable.

I've also been working on rewriting some of the dialogue as I really don't like Faeroe's character right now, and Pierce, which he's supposed to be stoic, doesn't exactly work.

Finally, I've talked to Indrah about hiring her to remake the Seahawk maps once Celianna's ship tileset comes out. So as soon as those two things are done, the new demo will be released, which will take the character from the beginning through to Aliquam, maybe farther depending on if I can fix the battle with Ursaurus, which would then make the demo take us all the way through to Caudine.


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glad to hear you are doing better just played your demo and its looks really good
Thanks, the demo is of the VX version. While I liked the Takentai battle system in that one better than the battle system I have in the Ace version, the Ace demo will be much better and more involved. Promise!
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