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Big Update

I have uploaded the latest game files from the last year. I plan on having this game completed shortly after my promised release date. If you were to play this game now, its about 10-15 hours long. Any constructive criticism on the game is welcome.

Right now it is mostly focused on the main storyline. It is essentially a storyline storyboard. I plan to add in dungeons and obstacles after the initial story is complete.

Thank You,


New Build - Game fixes

I just remembered that I forgot to add the FullPackageFlag to the .ini file. I have since addressed the issue so the game should work without RPG Maker installed.

I also uploaded the latest build with the .ini update.



Major Update Uploaded

I uploaded a major update, a lot more storyline is added and it plays more like a game now. It is certainly rough around the edges but the most disgusting bugs have been dealt with. I am more than halfway done, I am excited about this and anybody who played this before will enjoy the big improvement!

Progress Report

Past the halfway point

I am very close to another release, and this will reflect about 50% of the game completed so far. For those of you who played an earlier version this is a huge update. It is finally starting to get to the point where I can see how it might end.

The galaxy map has been fun.

Progress Report

Close to a major update

I am getting to the point where my old game and new game are going to be merged together, this will mean the game will have about 10-12 hours of gameplay, all I need to do is balance the gameplay mechanics but the storyline is totally coming along, thank you to everybody who have been keeping track of this game, good things to come and this game will certainly be finished.


New build

I added a new build of the game with a lot more content. The storyline is really coming along.

If you are interested in futuristic games, please give this one a try.

Progress Report

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Making a lot of progress on this. As soon as the major bugs are worked out and towns are built on Mars a new release will be uploaded.

Right now I have constructed 4 new areas on Mars. The free City of Odessa, the town of Keystone (refugee camp), the Botaran Pirate Stronghold (a crashed cargo freighter) and Olympus Mons the tallest Volcano on Mars.

The storyline is really coming together. I plan to release the next upload when I have successfully merged my old game (Empire of Stars) with my new game. The storyline will then span Humankind's vast journey of leaving the Earth that we fucked up, colonizing mars, and achieving faster than light travel thanks to the aliens we oppressed on Mars.

Soon there will be a New Mars Republic, which will become the New Star Republic. I am attempting to make the game I always wanted to play. I hope I am successful. I am working on spacing out the game a little bit as many of the events do happen so quickly.

If anybody has any suggestions that they think will help this game be a lot better please let me know!

Progress Report

October 8

Making good progress right now. Made a new town, got some good ideas.
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