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Based on the classic Japanese novel, this adaptation combines the visuals of the movie version with the deeper character development of the book and novel. The 42 students of Shiriowa Junior High school are the latest chosen for the sadistic, government-run Program. Stuck on an island it's kill or be killed. There can be only one survivor!

The choice is yours...do you team up with your classmates and attempt to escape the island? Do you prefer to go solo and "play the game" until you're the last one standing? Or perhaps you will try to fight the power and take out the entire Program...

The finished game will feature:

-five playable characters, 3 initial and 2 bonus characters selectable when certain conditions are met
-a 3 day time limit, with corresponding day and night
-some classmates will attack you on sight, some can be saved and some can join you as allies,depending on the player character
-two ally types - active allies participate in battle whilst passive allies can be called on for one-off attacks
-as time passes, different areas of the island will become danger zones. Walk in to one of these and it's game over...
-character development through story flashbacks and dialogue choices that will affect how other students will react to you

The project is in early days yet, so any advice/suggestions will be appreciated!

Latest Blog

Battle Royale version 2.0 now available!

For the first time, boy #19 Shinji Mimura is now available as a playable character! The star of the school basketball team, Shinji is a playboy and genius with family connections to the underground resistance.

Thanks to LadyDynamite and NathanFrey for playtesting and pointing out a number of bugs. Hopefully all the major bugs have been fixed, but if you find any more please let me know!
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To the creator of this game.
I like what you are trying to do here, and because of that I have decided to do a YouTube lets play of this game. In that video I will give any such info you need once I manage to get in game. Hopefully this text doesn't make me sound like an ass, seeing as text doesn't convey emotion too well, but I am very excited and would be glad to help with anything you may need help with.
I am a brand new lets player and I am not too sure of how many views will direct people to the game. But I will do my absolute best to get this game a lot more attention.
I wish you the best of luck.
My video will be up some time tomarrow and I will post a link on the page.
- Have a wonderful day.
Thanks Nocturnal! I'm looking forward to seeing it! I've had feedback on some bugs, especially to do with timed events interrupting other events, but I'm working on fixing these for the next update with the second playable character. Let me know when it's done!
To Papasan96,
I have started my playthrough of your game an absolutely love the story telling and gameplay and understand that things are still being fixed, one of these I have noticed were a couple of lockers after the starting room that I could tap dance on.
But beyond that I absolutely love what you have done and must say this next thing, for the game's integrity that though it is amazing It needs BGM change. The reason being that most of the music featured is subject to copywrite and can get the game taken down and possibly as a side effect get you sued. I do not want to see that so I am going to have to recommend traveling to Newgrounds.com for their audio section. Some of the best music I have ever heard has come from the individuals there and as long as you give copywrite and tell them your purpose is for non-commercial reasons ( not being paid for your creation ) they will allow its use in the game.

If you do not believe me, check out these 2 newgrounds channels and listen to a song from each.


I would also be happy to help in any way else possible.
I do not want to see this game disappear.
Sincerely ,
Thanks for the praise Nocturnal...I'm not sure if it's quite that good but it's nice to hear ^_^

As for the music, of course I know it's copyrighted. But then, a large percentage of games on this website also has illegal copyrighted material and none of them have ever been taken down or the creators sued. I'm pretty sure as long as my game only stays here and I don't make any money off it I'll be safe. I'm not worrying about it!

Thanks for your concern anyway! I'm still collecting bug fixes for the next version so let me know if you find anymore!
I have a difficult time with colored pass, I cannot figure it out pls help?
I'm not at home to check, and I can't remember which password goes with which colour door, but as far as I recall the passwords are:

Hope that helps!
Is this thing still going on?
I'd love to do some QA for it if i could.
Big fan of the series and always thought a game of it would be awesome.
Please let me know!
Downloaded yesterday, so AWESOME! I just finished the Shuya's story with the escape ending, epic battle and feelings. Great job!

Anyway I have a bug to report
- At the Day 2 - 01:00 A.M Keita start dying countless times and every death reduce the counter of deaths by 1 until the victory of my character. But I can't win because after the Sakamochi's speech Keita go on dying and the counter go negative in an infinite loop.

Sorry for bad english, I'm an Italian teen after all. Keep up with the game, it's awesome!
Ps: I have no words to express how I love Mitsuko. I got a game over because i don't finished her. The most beautiful game over of my life.
#Mitsuko #fanboy
TheDudelyllama: Yeah, I'm working on adding Shinji's story. But I've been busy doing some translation work so I haven't updated recently. It is coming though, I promise! Thanks for the offer and support!

NathanFrey: I'm glad you enjoyed it, I also find killing Mitsuko kind of sad... Thanks for pointing out the bug, I've fixed a few for the next version but I've never encountered that one so I'll check it out! It sounds like I forgot to turn off a switch...
I'm super happy to see this game and downloaded right away and it looks really amazing, thank you for that!
But I can't play it. At first it had problems, some files not found, etc. but I got to fix them by googling a little—then during the game some pictures were not found either. Fixed some of them by googling (found the pictures, luckily)

It is so weird that I can't get the game to work meanwhile a friend of mine had downloaded the game this morning and it seemed to work better than mine (apparently tilted also, suddenly). Damn, I was so excited to play this! I hope it's fixed soon...!
Hey! I just wanted to congrats you on this amazing game. I've been playing for an hour or two and it's perfect. However, just after the second report, Takako's death keep playing over and over and I got stuck there. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Thanks and congrats again.
Thanks, and sorry to hear about the problem. It seems to happen when certain player actions conflict with scripted timed events. Can you remember what you were doing when the cutscene happened?
Seriously, how long will I have to wait?
At the first hour of playing, I'm quite enjoyed this game. I watched the film before and I'm glad that you put lots of playable character in the game!

However, there's stil a bug here:

When I encountered Kazuhiko and Sakura at the cliff, they jumped later on. But when I skipped the time to 5:00am, they jumped again!

P/S: I play the game again for a while and met Mitsuko. She supposed to be the most dangerous girl in class, but when I "killed" her, she still survived! And when I accidentally choose to group with her, she kill me with one slash! No way, man!

I'm super happy to see this game and downloaded right away and it looks really amazing, thank you for that!
But I can't play it. At first it had problems, some files not found, etc. but I got to fix them by googling a little—then during the game some pictures were not found either. Fixed some of them by googling (found the pictures, luckily)

It is so weird that I can't get the game to work meanwhile a friend of mine had downloaded the game this morning and it seemed to work better than mine (apparently tilted also, suddenly). Damn, I was so excited to play this! I hope it's fixed soon...!

Uh... did you install the RTP? Mine works just fine
I noticed a problem with the download. It is said that the game is 140.1 MB , but when I download the game it is 134 MB. Someone have this problem too?
Hi Numbah, thanks for telling me about that bug, I'll check it out!
As for Mitsuko...yeah she's dangerous, that's why she can survive. Plus she only kills you in one slash if you fall for her seduction. Let's just say she caught you with your pants down ;-)

NathanFrey, um, I don't know why that is. Actually the rar file I uploaded is only 134MB too. Maybe something to do with the way the site measures size?
i've run into a problem where the game won't let me take off the explosive necklace? i've done everything i needed to do and obtained every necessary item but it still won't let me take it off. can i only do it on a certain day? can it only work on certain team members?
Hi, thanks for the post!
Can I get some more information?
Who are you playing as, Shinji or Shuya?
I assume you downloaded the collar specs from their network, so what actually happens when you try to use it? Any messages?
Is Shogo still in your team?
Do you have a chance to enter the name of a group member whose collar you will remove?
If you can give me thus info, I should be able to say whether it's a bug or if you just missed sonething.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

:( wanted to play a a girl! no love for the demos :O

wow shinji starts with a gun even tho he is a student???(didnt pick up bag!)

why do guns stop working? cant attack sometimes?

enemies are too strong/too much life and since people are dying in timed events how are you supposed to succeed! even the order of events are random!

i hate scripts that crash f12 :/

trying to find people to save and certain areas is a real pain...

cant skip cutscenes is a pain

unless theres a speciific reason for is escaping should never fail!

i dont get how events work...they happen even tho your there b4 it does...so how the hell do you stop them!?

a trial and error game of survival
as i cant stand human stupidity i hate this game. the plot exists because almost everyone is a complete idiot

recommend to fans of movies/scenarios where a bunch of people are killing each other and your goal is to survive my making enemies and friends.
finding loot around the area
and knowing when you cant do anything.


-This is a pretty difficult game so id 1st recommend learning as much of the map as possible and remember where locations are visually.

-use the map in your inventory often! very helpful for getting round and remembering where useful things are

-shiny items always are in the same spot (cutscenes are kinda random tho)
you cant win against pretty much anyone at the start so you need gear!

-avoid male student student 6 you will know when you see him

-when someone joins you go into the menu>allies and use it on your character
you can talk to them,add them to party,kill them or remove them from party.
or you can use them as skills at the cost of ap

-bullets are limited,yet theres no apparent way to see how many you have or refill them

-need items to heal no apparent way to rest.

-various things in game can increase your ap tho you do not get exp as far as ive seen even if you win fights

-you can obtain useful items from killing others

if author still works on this a guide is mandatory
This game is awesome! I managed to get 11 allys, including the secret ones and I got one of the secret characters (Of course, not playable cuz of demo but still cool) :D
But I do have a few questions


1. Is this game still being worked on?
2. I attacked Kiriyama and beat him 1000 times, but he didn't die, why?
3. Is the collar removal possible? I keep missing that little hole and I can't get there.

After getting the boat ready, remember how I had 12 in a group? (Including myself) Turns out...
only 7 can escape, but luckily, Perfume counts as only 1 when they are actually 3 people lolz
Hi Atomblaster
Thanks for the praise! I'm sorry for the slow reply but I hardly check this site anymore. Unfortunately because of becoming a father of a 2 year old boy I don't really have the time to work on the game anymore, although I'd still love to finish it one day! To answer your questions:
You can't kill Kiriyama until a specific event, namely after completing the bomb for Shinji. Next time you fight him, he is killable.
Yes, you can remove the collar. I think the detection is a little dodgy but if you save the game before you try you'll find the sweet spot! Good luck!

If you need anymore help PM me, although please be patient as I said I don't visit here that often. Thanks for playing!
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