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Want to be a playable character in Centuria?

  • UPRC
  • 08/23/2019 10:38 AM
Hey folks! So, with my plan to include the range of 100 recruitable characters in Centuria, I decided that it might be fun if I reached out to RMN to see if anyone would like to have themselves, or a character of their own design, show up as a recruitable party member.

Being a retro 8-bit styled game (though with a few liberties taken here and there), characters are small and simple looking in appearance, so just about anyone who is interested could probably do the sprite themselves as well - though this part is not required.

So, what will I need?

NAME: Self-explanatory, character name. For the sake of consistency and immersion in the game world, I'd ask that names be legible (not a string of letters that form nothing, with my username being a good example of this) and contain no numbers. If your name on RMN is Freddy837, just go with Freddy. Or, hey, invent a character from scratch and give them their own name.

GENDER: This really requires no explanation. If you wish to sprite the character yourself, there are two templates below. Make sure that the sprite does not exceed 16x16 in any frame.

CLASS: Characters in Centuria have a wide range of classes, and you're encouraged to pick one for your character. You can find the classes in the game here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/3498/classlist/

ALIGNMENT: Very good, good, neutral, evil, or very evil. This decides how receptive they are towards the player. A good aligned player can recruit many good characters while an evil player will attract evil characters. Neutral characters can swing either way.

PERSONALITY: This can be as brief as you want, just tell me how they act. Are they LOUD? Are they sarcastic or snarky? Serious and stoic? Bland and robotic? Cheerful and hyper? All up to you, and this will just determine how I write their dialogue when they're encountered. Note that, after characters join, they will probably never utter another word of dialogue in the game. NPCs outside of the party do all of the talking in this game, and even the main character is a generic mute (like the Chrono series protagonists).

Templates are below. You're free to make the sprite yourself if you wish, but it's not mandatory. If you'd like, you can just give me their name, gender, class, and alignment and I will take care of the sprite. If you do not wish to sprite the character, just give me an idea of what they might look like otherwise I'll just make a random appearance for them based on the class you've decided upon.

Male Template

Female Template


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Seems to be the season for cameos, so why not? XD

NAME: Libby

GENDER: banana (female)

CLASS: Assassin (I am all about the fast and deadly yo)


PERSONALITY: Cheerful but forgetful. Is always scrambling to remember if she had a job she needed to do.
Name: Terrence
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Scholarly, would go to any lenghts to gain new spelltomes or the like from which he wants to learn new spells or mysteries. He likes to practice spells on those that get in his way.

Also subscribed this looks interesting. (To bad the main char will be a mute.)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Yay! Yes please, and great idea.

NAME: Cashmere
CLASS: Pyromancer
PERSONALITY: Sleek, intelligent, fastidious, aloof, but also in turn independent, tsundere, playful, fierce and brutal. Kind of like a cat.
Name: Arc
Gender: Male
Class: Templar
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Slightly melancholy, but in a funny way. Tends to make light of serious situations and himself. Maybe talks about his divorces more than is healthy... wait leave that last part out.
Appearance: Stereotypical Germanic Teutonic Knight with a purple talbard.
You're magical to me.
This sounds super cool! Count me in! :DDDD

NAME: Unity or Unii (whichever fits better with the setting)

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Priest


PERSONALITY: An optimistic priestess who believes in spreading kindness but is also shy and a bit naive. Writes romance novels on the side.

APPEARANCE: Messy/floofy orange hair, white robe with purple details.
NAME: Ephiam.


CLASS: Necromancer.


PERSONALITY: Blunt and dry. Sarcasm is lost on him, and he's above attempting to understand humor of any kind. He has a morbid fascination with the beyond and all things related to death or the process of dying. Oftentimes delights in observing how an individual or creature reacts during their final moments.

Possible to utilize the color sceheme going on in my Avatar for his robes/armor/loincloth/whatever he's wearing? :P

Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Possible to utilize the color sceheme going on in my Avatar for his robes/armor/loincloth/whatever he's wearing? :P

Totally, or as best as I can manage in a little 16x16 sprite!
Name : Dyhalto or Dieharte, depending on which fits the world better.
Gender : Male
Class : Dark Knight
Alignment : Very Good
Personality : A former Evil knight who had a crisis of conscience and abandoned his Order (This should obviously be tailored to your world's lore). He now uses his skill as a dark knight exclusively for good, as part of a personal quest for redemption.

NAME: Knowsy


CLASS: Wizard


PERSONALITY: He's a nervous, philosophical and eccentric person who believes in weird things that other people don't believe in. He has inconsistent charisma based on being alternately rude and courteous.

Name: Jay

Gender: Male

Class: Commoner/Berserker?

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: He's a mellow individual who likes gathering knowledge to keep for himself, but should he be exposed to a certain beverage, he loses all sense of self and goes on a wild frenzy against anyone in his path.

Appearance: My avatar. :P
Just pointing out that the male template facing down and up's legs should be flipped horizontally for a more natural walking animation. In your latest screenshot, the hero looks right but the viking-like follower has the wrong leg forward.

I'll submit a Vampire character soon :)
I actually love this idea and think it's super fun! I sort want to create more than one character. If you struggle for 100, can we do another one?

NAME: Wingley


CLASS: Priest (If you end up with too many Evil Priests, for the sake of variety/balancing he can also be a Druid or Exorcist)


PERSONALITY: A good guy at heart who's fed up with the boring goody two-shoes life. Wants desperately to prove his worth to a "bad guy" and be considered one himself, so he joins an evil aligned player (but ironically he's still a healer and feels bad about killing monsters).

APPEARANCE: Medium length, slightly spiky light brown hair with a glorious purple and gold robe.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Name: Tina

Gender: Eh...make it female. It's typical.

Class: Alchemist

Alignment: Very Good

Personality: Extremely talkative, intelligent to the point of genius, oblivious to what's going on around her until it becomes apparent. Terrible at perception and has no ability to sense motive.

Appearance: Dark skin (like a dark tan), heavy freckles, a really nasty scar on her upper lip, wears goggles, has blonde hair that's wild like Einstein or Doc Brown, and dresses mostly steampunk. Short.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Just pointing out that the male template facing down and up's legs should be flipped horizontally for a more natural walking animation. In your latest screenshot, the hero looks right but the viking-like follower has the wrong leg forward.

I'll submit a Vampire character soon :)

Oh yeah, the leg thing was pointed out on Discord as well. Blame Squaresoft, because it's modeled after what they did with some character in Final Fantasy III that I used as a heavy reference (and by heavy reference, I mean almost carbon copy albeit with a few changes such as different head shape, smaller feet, and so forth).

Thankfully it's not something that will take a great deal to fix. Maybe 10-15 minutes for all sprites when I get around to it. Definitely something I'll want to correct before I make more sprites since there are in the range of 20 or so already.
NAME: Ozymandias


CLASS: Knight


PERSONALITY: arrogant, cautious, self-aware, always tries to know what big events are going on, wants to conquer vast lands, loves animals, enjoys long walks on the beach.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Name: Okiku
Gender: Female
Class Pyromancer
Alignment: I figure either Neutral or Evil.
Personality: Enjoys creating havoc and destruction in her wake with her trusty-dusty Wand Of Blasting. Especially so on those she deems deserving retribution.
Appearance: I'd say...

...long, straight black hair with a red blouse and white skirt.
Name: Ezachyel
Gender: Male
Class: Exorcist/Necromancer (His magic would be themed around controlling and destroying undead minions)
Alignment: Ezachyel (Wherever that falls. Probably Neutral)
Personality: Calm, objective, driven by knowledge. Bossy to an extent, but he has no problem obeying reasonable commands
Appearance: Bald, one eye red, the other grey, pale, ill complexion, clothed in wide, purple robes. Maybe uses a spear instead of a staff
Name: Arnold V.

Gender: Male

Class: Vampire

Alignment: Good

Personality: Patient, Old-fashioned, Melancholic. He values justice and tries to only feed upon the evildoer.

Sprite: Blond hair tied in a short ponytail. Pale grey skin. Red eyes. Blue garments and cape. Grey pants. Brown boots.

Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I am liking this! Centuria will have many guest characters!
Name: Kricket

Class: Brawler

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Cocky yet thoughtful to friends and allies. Easy-going but can easily be angered by annoying enemies, and tends to interrupt others with snarky-one liners cuz his brain 'misfires' on him. Otherwise a chatty bloke looking for challenging fights.

Appearance: In most of my references for him, he has emerald dreadlocks and yellow/golden eyes. Wilder, spiky hair would work too cuz the core of his character is to be 'free'. Clothing wise I've no clue - something light and easy to maneuver in that's typical to a fist fighter.
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