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Classes of Centuria

Centuria has many different classes that your NPC followers will have. This page goes into detail listing all of the classes and what they do.

Aeromancer: A mage that exclusively uses damaging air spells.
Alchemist: Uses items from the player's inventory to damage enemies or heal the party.
Assassin: Very agile but frail fighter who can inflict KO on susceptible enemies.
Bandit: Frail fighter who is able to bully enemies and allows player to earn extra gold from battles.
Banker: Generally weak character, but can use player's gold to inflict high damage.
Bard: Generally frail character who can charm enemies and buff allies.
Barbarian: Beefy and super strong fighter, but is slow and has virtually no magic defense/power.
Berserker: Mindless killing machine who cannot be controlled by the player.
Commoner: Generally low tier fighter who only exists for players who want to challenge themselves.
Dark Knight: The knight class, but with the added ability to inflict dark damage.
Druid: Average fighter who learns basic elemental abilities and healing over time spells.
Electromancer: A mage that exclusively uses damaging thunder spells.
Exorcist: A weak healer who can destroy undead enemies with remarkable ease.
Enchanter: Extremely frail magician with basic fire spells, but can support allies with strong buffs.
Fighter: A balanced heavy armor fighter who can use various physical abilities to damage/hinder enemies.
Hunter: A ranged fighter who is weak against most enemies, but inflicts high damage against animals.
Knight: A balanced fighter with middle of the road stats, protects allies and wears/wields anything.
Hydromancer: A mage that exclusively uses damaging water spells.
Monk: A martial artist who attacks with their fists and is highly resistant to status conditions.
Necromancer: A mage that exclusively uses damaging dark spells.
Ninja: Very agile but frail fighter who can throw shurikens and use smoke bombs to escape from battles.
Paladin: A strong fighter with weak healing capabilities and can cast damaging holy spells.
Pirate: A mediocre fighter who becomes a powerhouse when fed alcohol.
Priest: Generic squishy support who has access to the best healing abilities.
Pyromancer: A mage that exclusively uses damaging fire spells.
Ranger: A ranged fighter who strictly uses bows and can buff their speed.
Scholar: A relatively weak character who deals damage based on number of battles participated in.
Spy: Average fighter with low hit points and can deflect threat away from themselves.
Templar: Heavy fighter who is immune to status conditions that delay/hinder actions.
Vampire: An undead fighter who can drain HP from enemies.
Warrior: A mighty warrior who can only wield axes and wear heavy armor, attacks cause bleeding.
Witch: A female magician who can drain MP from enemies and inflict status conditions.
Wizard: A mage that has access to all elemental spells, but has limited MP.