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The screenshots and trailer are in Spanish but there is an English version of the game.

New version 2.0 available!!


A group of guys were hanging around some industrial warehouses. John is a cop and he received a call to check what was going on there. However, John Ravis is dead now and many questions remain on the air.

- Battle System Blizz-ABS, with many improvements and adapted to be a shooter game
- Quest System
- Custom Menus
- Every decision can affect what is going to happen
- Only two guns and two skills available in this demo
- Exploring the scenario is important: Some events have to be checked multiple times.

Main Characters

Kiara Sagredo: The real protagonist of the story. She is a police Inspector in Esperanza City. She is cold and intimidating. Sometimes, she is rude with other people.

John Ravis: He is the playable character in this demo. He is impulsive and confident. He will protect an innocent life above all. He is also a police.

These two had a very complicated affair with constant arguments. In the eyes of others, they not seem as a real couple.

Btw, I'm spanish... Sorry if there are some mistakes ^.^

Latest Blog


Hi, everyone!

If someone is wondering what happened with this game, I have to say that for the moment I'm not going to continue it. It is in hiatus right now but I think I won't complete the game. I'm sorry.

However, I'm working in Game Maker at the moment and maybe you will see something in that platform.

If you want to follow my activities or whatever, you can visit my blog, follow me on twitter, etc. (visit my perfil for that).

Thank you to everyone who supported this project!

More info (in Spanish)
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  • 10/07/2011 06:42 PM
  • 02/20/2015 06:19 PM
  • 10/18/2011
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Looks and sounds like something I would enjoy playing.
I don't see any text in the game.

What font do I need?
I was just wondering if anyone knows the font that I need to play this game, if you know then please just tell me or PM me the link to download it, I'm not seeing any text and this seems like it's a good game.
I use Century Gothic font: http://ufonts.com/fonts/century-gothic.html

If you click at Download version that you want you will see the instructions, but I'll put the font inside the project in a future version.

Sorry for the wait I'm on exam time.
It's alright, thank you for your time ^^
It's alright, thank you for your time ^^
'Allo!! Came to visit your game, since I had not seen it before in here C:! From time to time I find "familiar games" :P...
And then, I now subscribed. Hope to see more news around here, and "there" haha!

Thanks for comment orochii. Un placer verte por aquĆ­!!
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