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Progress Report


Hi, everyone!

If someone is wondering what happened with this game, I have to say that for the moment I'm not going to continue it. It is in hiatus right now but I think I won't complete the game. I'm sorry.

However, I'm working in Game Maker at the moment and maybe you will see something in that platform.

If you want to follow my activities or whatever, you can visit my blog, follow me on twitter, etc. (visit my perfil for that).

Thank you to everyone who supported this project!

More info (in Spanish)


Demo 2.0 released!!

I am proud to announced that new version of Seytan is available for download in both versions (spanish and english).

This new released has important bug fixes, map edits, dialogues improved and other minor things. Now you do not have to worry about the font or anything else, all files needed are inside the folder.


Just replaced the old .exe and keep safe the save data for future versions.



Problems with fonts?

Well, I see that some people have problems with the font that I use in Seytan. I tried to use a common font, but it seem that some of you have troubles for see the text in the game.

Maybe it is because of Windows version or something like that. Anyway, I use Century Gothic and you can download it here: http://ufonts.com/fonts/century-gothic.html

Thanks for the reports.

Progress Report

New Info

I've been working a lot in the game as much I could.

I am writing this in order to you know this project is not cancelled or something like that.

First, I have drawing and re-edit some of the maps of the game. Also, I have decided to public a alpha version of the real version, no something like the last one. In this case we see the introduction of the game and the system.

Second, I'm at exam time so I can not update to show new information about the game. Be patience, please.

All info here: seytan-game.blogspot.com.es/

Good day!!


Demo v.1.1 Release!!

I fix some critical bugs of the english version:

- Parts in spanish
- Error because of scripts
- Some menor bugs

Please, if you find any bug, report!!

Thanks and enjoy!

Game Design

Menu System

Here is the inventory menu. We can examine every object that a character has in its inventory, the type of object and the features it has (damage, healing, states...). Each character has its own equipment inventory, but in the demo will not be visible because you will control one player.

The menu is not finished, I would like to classify objects into categories but for the demo I think is just fine.

From the inventory menu, you can use the objects (pain relievers, bandages...) and also can access to the equiment menu to change your weapons equipment, clothing...

The equipment menu is also accessible from the status menu and from the battle menu (or tactical pause) by pressing Q.

I accept any constructive criticism on how to improve them.

See you!


First 5 minutes

Here you are the first 5 minutes of the demo!!

Sorry, there are not sub :(


See ya!
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