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Progress Report

“This is (not) the end!”

Now that all the holiday cheer and events have settled down, we’re back on working on BBI: R! Thank you all for playing and giving feedback about the project.

I have updated the progress tab but for a more in-depth explanation of where we are at:

  • Day 2 beyond is when the player can finally begin to make choices and affect what endings they will get. Hence, we will not be releasing any demos from this day forward to avoid future issues.

  • We are attempting to convert BBI:R to 1080p instead of 720p. We will give more news once this is finished.

  • The battle system’s Alchemy has been completely redesigned to follow the same gameplay as the GBA games such as “Stray Rondo” and “Omoide No Sonata.” The UI is currently under production.

  • An inventory display has been added to give the player a chance to glance at the items they will get. The UI is currently under production.

  • All of the UI has been completely redesigned. This is to follow modern standards for Visual Novels and give BBI:R an identity that is different from its predecessor.

  • The cursor has been updated to display Alphonse’s glove.

  • The map system has been updated to display which character is currently on an area. This is to avoid repeated save/load if you managed to miss the character you are aiming for.

There’s still a lot of work to do but we hope that you will still follow our progress to the creation of this game!


Bluebird’s Illusion Remake Demo is out!

Merry Christmas! The demo for Bluebird’s Illusion Rebuild is finally here! Grab it over here! Let us know what you think! Thank you very much!
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