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EDIT: I just fixed the download problem, if there's another problem just tell me...
The name of the game is : Dream fighter


He's a cool Paladin, he's cold but he cares about his friends, at first he can't remeber anything, but then he discover a obscure secret about his past.
He apreciates very much the princess. In the game he have 21 years old.

She's an energetic girl, he save Ronin when he lost his memories and fall in love with him.
When she was 8 years old she lost his father for unknow reasons. In the game she have 19 years old

She's a magician, she's energetic but she can be shy sometimes, she loves her Senpai and her brother, Ronin save her when she was kidnapped by Yeckva.
She fall in love with Ronin. In the game she have 18 years old.

She's a magician and the princess of Nigotta, Ronin save her when Rogue kidnapped her, she's sweet with her friends. She appreciates Ronin very much.
She fall in love with Ronin. In the game she have 20 years old.

He's a knight that Miko send to Ronin, he admires Ronin so he call him "Hero", he's always saying cool stuff about Ronin and he can be distracted easily if someone talk about Ronin.
He fall in love with Oyuky. In the game he have 20 years old.

She's a cold girl but she show her fellings after, She cares about Ronin past, she follow Ronin because he beat her.
She want to know how to be more strong because her mother die while pregnant of her little sister. She fall in lo with Ronin. In the game she have 21 years old.

She's a very energetic girl, she want to capture a thief that stole her town, Ronin help her and they become friends.
She fell in love with Ronin. In the game she have 19 years old.

He's a thief, he help Ronin when he capture him and swear not to tell the police about it. He loves girls and he's always telling Ronin how to talk to a lady.
He don't fell in love with anyone. In the game he have 22 years old.

She's a magician, Ronin found her in the ice dungeon, she's shy and she wants to be stronger.
She fell in love with Ronin. In the game she have 19 years old making Ylva de younger in the group.

Hope you like it!

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your megaupload link is invalid
Hey buddy, how about a reupload on this game. Its no longer there on megaupload.
I hope this game is an homage to this!
and i thought friday had too much autotune
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