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“We are now receiving unconfirmed reports of numerous casualties resulting from some kind of catastrophic accident at the A.E.S. Lab downtown. A spokesman for the corporation claims that the incident has been contained, though a mandatory evacuation order for the surrounding areas is being put into effect. We will have more on this story as it continues to develop…”

High school sophomore Lucas Kessler awakens to find himself being held captive by an unknown organization intent on performing cruel and unusual experiments on him. All of a sudden, his lackluster academic performance and profound social awkwardness do not seem like such big issues anymore. Freed from his cell by a fluke power surge, it is up to Lucas to make his way through heavily armed guards and automated defenses on a desperate mission to make sure that he and his fellow prisoners make it out alive.

But it is never that simple. It quickly becomes obvious that darker things are roaming the labyrinthine hallways, stalking both Lucas and his human adversaries with equal ferocity. In order to overcome these new threats, Lucas will be forced to master powers and abilities he never knew that he possessed.

Features –

Faux First Person Perspective… explore the world through the eyes of your hero.

Convert your enemies as you form an army of loyal demons… recruit 80+ possible party members.

Absorb abilities from your enemies… customize your team’s capabilities.

Moral choices … do you listen to the angel on your shoulder, or the devil?

A cast of characters including allusions to the works of William S. Burroughs, the lyrics of Tom Waits, and an episode of the Thundercats (80’s version), among others.

Indirectly inspired by a certain game series… I could tell you right now, but isn’t it better to keep some mystery in a relationship? Shin Megami Tensei

Latest Blog

Chapter Two Coming Soon!

The last couple of months have been really rough on me, but I'm actually making progress with my game again!

The next version will include some much needed fixes, as well as a whole new area of the complex to explore. It will also see the debut of the Crystal Corpse demon type, new face set borders, and an improved hatch-door graphic courtesy of Miracle!

I hope you all are holding onto your saves for the next installment. There could be some issues with older saves causing preventing demons from gaining the proper skills at the proper levels, but I am implementing a fix for this so you should be up to speed in no time.

Another big inclusion will be vending machines in the break room (and other places, where applicable) that will sell Red Alert and Beastly Energy, offering 20%Hp and 20%Mp restores respectively. Lucas is the only one able to use them, since demons have different nutritional needs. Since it wouldn't make sense to stuff demonic energy (sek = the currency in the game) into a standard vending machine, I'm including an item called Small Change. These can be found in most desks that are not already housing other items.

On my upcoming content page, I mentioned the possibility of changing to a different guardian if the player built up high enough affinity with other demons in the party, and giving different level up bonuses based on who the current guardian is. I'm kind of on the fence about this now. From a narrative standpoint, I like the idea of a constant guardian, so that the relationship between this demon and Lucas can evolve over the course of the game. (Feel free to post comments one way or the other if you like! I'm listening)

I'm also looking for some sound effect resources to make the world feel a little more natural. I'm aware that some of you are having performance issues with the game, due to the large number of pictures the display events require, so I will include a toggle for any new embellishments, just in case they render the game unplayable. I'm also going to include the option to turn off transparency for forcefields, glass, and water.

Is this a first? An Rm2k3 game with a graphic quality slider?

Long term, once the entire game has been completed, tested, played and is 100% finished, I am considering releasing two alternate packs for it. One would replace the lower quality wall graphics with entirely custom creations, and the other would be a version of the game where the room display is handled entirely through panoramas. Yes, that means I would have to pre-bake every angle of every room into a panorama, step by step. (Which is why it is something I would only entertain at the end, when the chance of me changing any of the layouts resides somewhere around nil) Hopefully, this eventual "optimized" version of the game will allow anyone who was unable to play due to framerate issues a second chance.

That's all I have for now. Thank you again to everyone who has downloaded and commented on my game so far!


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So this is like a first person dungeon crawler?
Is the Faux FPP going to be Wizardry-style (you see the background move) or Sword of Hope-style (fixed background images) ?
Either way I really like this perspective.
Is the Faux FPP going to be Wizardry-style (you see the background move) or Sword of Hope-style (fixed background images) ?
Either way I really like this perspective.

me too, i expect great things, do not disappoint me :'
I'm going for a reasonable approximation of movement, so I'd have to say Wizardry style, although I'm not really familiar with that series. Two of the earliest RPGs I ever played were the 1988 pc version of Pool of Radiance and Sword of Vermilion for the Genesis, so I guess I've had the fake first person dungeon crawl bug for quite a while now.
author=Killer Wolf
I'm going for a reasonable approximation of movement, so I'd have to say Wizardry style, although I'm not really familiar with that series. Two of the earliest RPGs I ever played were the 1988 pc version of Pool of Radiance and Sword of Vermilion for the Genesis, so I guess I've had the fake first person dungeon crawl bug for quite a while now.

I'm a huge Phantasy Star I fan, liked Sword of Vermilion, and just recently got into Wizardry. Pseudo/first person dungeon crawling has a certain retro charm, doesn't it :)
Not to be too corny about it, but considering they were some of my first gaming experiences, it feels almost like coming home.

I've tried a setup like this so many times before, all the way from Qbasic up through Multimedia Fusion 2 and Construct. I was actually kind of surprised that Rm2k3 turned out to be the easiest method of getting it done!
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
I'm getting this game!!
Seems like you're the second person to actually attempt this approach of an rpg maker game. Hope it gets done.
After I submitted my page, I combed through the games list and did notice a couple others with a similar approach. I'm rotating between a couple other projects right now, but I should have another update and some new screens ready this weekend.

The game is designed to take around six hours, maybe with some optional content towards the end that might add another hour or two. One of my main goals has been to keep the project small enough to remove any possible excuse I could have for not releasing it!
Shin Megami Tensei???

I thought SMT:Persona SEBEC building
Man if in THIS IS horror amtosphere created with sounds/music and story i will play this ! SUBSCRIBED
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Can you explain how you made the maps in this? I am REALLY curious about your technique.
The first video in the video section goes into a little detail about it. All of the different wall types are stored as Terrain IDs. I set up an array of variables to act as the player's visual field. They check for the terrain id at their respective coordinate points and then kick that info out to my show picture events.

As for the art assets themselves, I just scaled some helpful tiles from the future rtp chips using a perspective tool in Deluxe Paint 2 Enhanced.

In the aforementioned video, you can catch a brief glimpse of what the "levels" look like in the editor at the beginning.

The terrain id solution fixed the biggest problem I had when I tried this perspective faking trick before. In the past, I'd always graphed stuff out and then tried to figure out what surfaces would be visible from any given point. I'd get about two or three rooms deep and decide "the hell with this." Now, I can just draw the maps out in the editor, come back and alternate the terrain ids for wall surfaces (cycling wall types helps to sell the movement illusion), place whatever door types I need, and be testing the level in a couple of minutes.
That is very clever programming there.
Do you check for hero's facing direction too?
I check the facing for the event I use to track the player's position. The "hero" object is only used to reset the camera to the center of the screen or to synch positional data during travel between different maps.

By using an event other than the hero as the reference point for the field of view calculations, I have more direct control over rotation and movement. This way, pressing the right arrow key just rotates the place holder's facing 90 degrees, instead of causing it to walk sideways. It also prevents the player from just holding down "ctrl" and clipping through my walls.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
What is happening with this? looked good.
I haven't really touched any of my projects since around December. I was planning on throwing a demo up for this last weekend, but it just needed too much work. I was able to put some time in on it tonight though , and I almost have it back to where I want it to be for demo release, so there should be something playable soon =)
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me


/edit Oh. Download limit.
Subbed! This sounds like a blast :D


Man, this brings back some Hired Guns memories, hehe. Funny I should find a game like this on here, I recently saw a vid about 3D scripts for RMXP - Have you though about looking into FPLE scripts?


Oh and I got stuck in a talk loop with the spirit;

Have you found it yet? > Nope > Please keep looking > repeat
Have you found it yet? > Yes > You're lying > repeat
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