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Bug Update

  • Liberty
  • 04/21/2014 01:44 PM
There's a bug in the new version which makes it impossible to pass. I'm not sure exactly how it happened but a variable was changed and broke the event to get the sun key. I've since fixed the map but there's a few small bits and pieces I've been meaning to fix as well and I'd like to get them done before I upload the (here's hoping) absolute version.

Just unzip and paste the Map0005 and Map0043 files in with the rest of the maps (in the game folder). That should fix it up for now.

If you run into any more bugs, just leave a comment under this blog and I'll add it to the list for fixing and update the patch above.

Quick Update: Added another map to the patch (in downloads section). Apparently one of the switches had been deleted in the end event, leading to the game not being able to be finished. No idea how that came to pass but it's fixed now. Thankfully.