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This is a game I was working on last year, but I quit due to some things going on in life. But I wish for some feedback if I should pick up working on this game again. There are 9 playable characters, (One secret character) In this demon only 6 are playable. It has a custom magic learning system, and a leveling system. The game does not have an opening or a title screen, But you will gain an understanding of the game pretty quickly. I hope for some feedback on wether or not I should keep working on this game..Thank you!

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Target completion data...Last...year, date added, today...Shouldn't you update your target? Other than that, pretty sweet lookin'.
Better late than never. I just got around to trying this out, and the problem with the game (unless it's been modified since I last downloaded it in October) is that your character literally moves at a snails pace. The character doesn't need to look like he's running for his life, but for crying out loud, he should at least be moving at a decent speed.
Well thanks..I would like to say one day I will finish this game..But the truth is, I prob will not..I've fallen out of the RPGMaker game.
Looks interesting. Keep up the good work! :)
Ah, another game lost to time I suppose.
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