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Good end -of-the-world story.

Sorry for this being late, I almost forgot about this! I'm lucky to remember all that. Anyway, being a man of my word, My review is copied, and pasted.

also this was made quickly for a secret santa event back at probably 2011-2012. so... here it is. I guess. My actual rating is now probably a 4.5.

Let's start with the Gameplay:

As stated in the game, WSAD is to move, Spacebar is your Action/Attack, J is the leader's special move, and the Escape key is to Save your game. Although you only have two characters to work with in the entire game, the battles aren't that hard as they seem to be.

The game is like an adventure, but the only enemies you will be seeing are the bad, black armored harvesters that will attack the group, which you would have to fight back. They aren't that hard though, I can handle by just attacking them, and sometimes use a Skill Attack.

Now let's get to the music of the game:
Although there's not alot of music, the game's Music selection for specific areas of the game seem to match the specific areas. (Man I stink at Reviews!)

The Graphics and music of things:

I'd say it's a Pretty Blue for most of the Maps, what can I say? Blue is an attractive color like that. The rest of the maps also have the right theme to the Music as well, like going into some camp that's set on fire, at least a small amount of fire.

The big battles?:
These kind of battles are well planned out. Unlike the Harvesters, they don't get a one hit KO from Blu's Barrage Skill. It also seems like a challenge for the ones who only attack with Space Bar, because they are trying to preserve MP for something else.

The Characters:
I looked up the character bios at Project BC's website, where the game's website would be at. They didn't have character names, but when I saved the images of the two character descriptions, I think the names are Blu and Red, the names seem almost similar to Blue and Red from the Pokemon Game Boy games.

Blu is an Idealist who tries to find the good side ideas of everything, which seems like the good Conscience to everyone before the end of the world happened. Her Mana Skill, Barrage, brings big damage to the enemy that recieves it. In the beginning of the game, she wakes up from some sort of dream she was having.

Red is a jaded pragmatist with a tough sense of both love and loyalty for an adventure, which is kind of like one in the game. From what I know is, she just likes going on adventures. Her Mana Skill, Snare, temporarily Paralyzes enemies, perfect for just attacking them, or making a combo using Blu's Barrage technique.

And last but not least, the story:

The story actually touched my friendly side of my heart. It kind of reminds me of share stuff with your friends, family, and others. The setting almost reminds me of Fallout 3, because it's the end of the world where nothing but a few live. Now I can't give anyone any spoilers because it could be..... dangerous, so I will try to just not put any spoilers on here.

All in all, I give this game a rating of 5.0, because there's a moral in this game as well.


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did someone say angels
Thanks for the review! Belated or not, it's much appreciated.
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