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Well, let's fill you in shall we? We're closed folks!

Exodus of the Fallen is cancelled. Why you might ask?
Well, there is a very good reason for that: All of the game files died with the laptop it was on. I was about 1/4 of the way done, busy designing the 17th floor in the game, the inside of a astroid hijacked by your main character as he was on the run(You got to be creative with space based dungeon crawlers!), and well, Life happened. House burned down that year, got my job at cold steel as a salesman closed, and yeah~
That laptop died in early '13, and I never had a chance to back up what I was working on, and to be frank, don't feel like remaking every thing that was lost.
It's been so long since I even looked, but then I saw this game on here, and well, I had to break the truth to you guys. Exodus of the Fallen is dead jim, and it's not coming back.
But that does not mean it will end my rpgmaker career or anything; I'm making two seprate projects right now, one a "Coffee house" simulator and the other a standard dungeon crawler, both with ascii styled graphics. So check those out if you want to see what I'm up to these days.
Oh, and quick note: The ascii dungeon crawler will not be submitted until it is finished. The other project, "The coffee shop at the end of the world" is my Long LONG term project, to make a conversation simulator within it as complex as I can. You can probably expect a demo next February, when I may feel like it is complex enough. But don't take that as a definite deadline! In the words of the late Douglas Adams, "I love deadlines. I love the sound as they woosh on by."
So, Exodus is cancelled. Will I ever use this 3d engine again? God knows. It makes characters in the distant look terrible, and characters cannot walk arround properly on the map. Maybe if somebody could fix event movement, I might consider it, but until then, I am leaning towards no. But it would, make a great parody of minecraft.

Game Design

Are your ready? Because I'm Not! Here we GO!

Welcome to Exodus of the Fallen, and I'm the infamous Facesforce at the helm of this operation! Here is how this project is coming down: It is a 3d dungeon crawler in the fashion of classics like wizadry, Shining in the darkness, Arcana and Eye of the Beholder, with a atmosphere like the original SMT, kind of (The atmosphere is very... Unique right now.).

Literally, and this design makes it a fresher take on the classic Dungeon Crawls that RM normally makes. Now, this is my second Dungeon Crawl project, and if I say so, this one is already more polished then my first Dungeon Crawl, in two aspects. That one had only four hours of rushed creation, resulting in tons of empty dungeons that you just ended up slugging through, and it had a weaker setting overall. I plan to avoid this, by focusing on the colony as much as possible.

So, My goal for Colony RX-09 is to bring it to life, and make it feel like an actual mining colony in space, complete with different Classes and sectors. Basically, it will be a sort of "open sandbox" for you the player to slog your way through, rather then just making it into a singular plot driven quest, not that there will not be many "quests", or should I say Missions for you to undergo. There is no right or wrong, there is only ideals and different factions that you need to keep in mind.

The Faction Variable!
Yes, as you can imagine this is a system that will be implemented in the game. As a new immigrant to Colony RX-09, your relations with the colonists and the military factions will be a blank slate. Because of this, feel free to side with anyone you please, but know that your actions have consequences... For instance, if you sympathize with the rebels and are not careful to hold your tongue about this around the Space Revolutionary Garrison, you can find yourself at jail or even on trial as a rebel yourself! No matter what you do, you will need to keep in mind that you will insult some other person elsewhere, but delight another. Manipulate this system well, and your friends will be kept close, and your enemies closer.

Now, here is what I am working on: Characters! These people on the colony are each equally important as the last. For a while, I was thinking about just using generic soldiers and colonists, but that made me realize one of the major flaws with The Elder Scrolls games is that fact, that you just have generic npcs walking about with interesting custom ones. Well, not on here! I am hand spriting each and every person on the colony, and some of them get multiple variants as well. You don't think the soldiers wear that heavy armor when they are at home, right...? No laziness is acceptable in that, none at all. However, this has brought up a concern that I will address right now: As this is a mining colony, there is only going to be about 60-80 people on it max, families included. This gives me a tangible number, and allows me to focus on the characters with more details, allowing you to have the full illusion of a "Sandbox" Dungeon Crawler.
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