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Progress Report

THE Captain's Log is now 60!

This is the 60th entry in this dumb development series. So yeah hurray.

Anyway, I've been working on the game recently after a long hiatus. And I've made a lot of small unnoticeable changes, of which a lot even I forgot what I did, and didn't care enough to document on my changelogs and whatever. But yeah.

Special thanks to Link_2112. The rotating Link of... Powah! I used a lot of his feedback. Some things are still not "implemented", but I considered a lot of what he said, because I think people know when something feels uncomfortable for them. ;)
Also special thanks to a guy named Guinxu, from Spain, who recently streamed the game, not to the end but whatever, it motivated me to get back to work. So yeah. Appreciation.


Anyway #2. First thing I reworked a little. The intro screen. This is what appears the first time the game is opened. It shows some basic information, welcomes you to having fun with this piece of furniture, and some indication of "you can use your gamepad for playing too!".

I think it's way more informative now, way more eye-candy, and yeah. Less of a garbag thrown there.

This is a little bit better than some simple text with 100% unuseful keys I threw there because I had nowhere else to put them.

Another part I reworked is the character movement. Decided to finally implement diagonal graphics, because some people never realize you can move diagonally. And I tried using it on my level design. So better make it more evident. Hopefully it is!

And this is how she turns weeeeeeee.

Also the training cave got a little facelift. Basically, there is a specific part where I added some extra "explanation". The idea is that the character itself explains it to you indirectly, by showing what she is thinking/planning to do.

Here a GIF on Twitter.

Also I worked on this recently. Not done but it's better now.

And another video because yes.

AND FINALLY! Today's, yesterday and maybe a day before work. This is how battle is looking now. Things added: A bar below showing you have something called "limit", the wait command has some arrows that might say you can switch between other commands there (?), also a help window explaining what each command is for... and that's it. I fixed some other bugs but yeah.

Probably that explanation is not clear enough but... at least it's just changing a string of text.


And that's it so how good was DREKIROKR actually? I don't know. No competitive use nor information in Smogon. But you can say I'm working on it (?). Sounds as if I felt under pressure or something.

See you soon everyone! Thanks for reading if you did. Or looking at screenies and videos anyway.


THE Captain's Log! #59 DEMO v2018 IS OUT!

Hi everyone. So yeah. There is a new version out. This demo is comprised of the full prologue, finally, which means the start of the game (end of training, graduation, etc) and three missions. It's not that long, might be around 3-4 hours. But it marks a milestone.

- There is no "end of demo" text. Ended up not adding it. Demo ends pretty much after finishing all three quest the headmaster gives you.
- The game includes both Spanish and English languages as always. I like doing that.

Gameplay-wise everything is set. So hopefully next release will be coming sooner. But still, I hope everyone enjoys it as it is, and please send me all feedback. I'd love to hear your impressions.


This time I really don't have any image to decorate. Didn't take any screens of Macross or something, which I watch now while working on the game (animu break).

And that's it! Gotta rest, then continue gammak.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log! #58 SPECiAL (?): Demo release Date

7 de Enero, 2019
2019, January 7th

Drekirökr Demo v2018

This works more like a self-imposed target date, but it should be doable unless I get sick or something. :'D Things left to be done in order for a release are three, of which one is almost done. The longest one is actually retranslating the texts (from Spanish to English) since there is some that I rewrote, and a lot that are new, and I work in Spanish first as is my native so... yeah.

Also the translation is dated, so hopefully I can do a better job now 8D.


Other news, let's see. I talked a bit about elements last time. I wanted to pretty much simplify copy/paste element ranks, so I did this.

I'm lazy enough to make an easy element rank setter. C:

Basically, I made an element rank table in paper, considering some basic rules for the 6/8 elements.

Resulting in something like this.

Uh... yeah.

This is not something essential to know since you already have a scan skill which you can spam (only accessible for the main character though). But following this pattern it should make things easier when remembering what things are enemies weak to.

(I also tried giving each element a color, and making enemies an element corresponding to their coloration, but in some cases it's kind of ambiguous -what element should I give to a grayish enemy?- so keep in mind, I tried, but it's not fully consistent).


Anyway, what else?

Characters now can equip two accessories, so you can combine effects or whatever

I was thinking about doing this for quite a while, and finally said "yeah why not". The thing I wasn't sure was about space in my equip screen, but then I made it and I think it doesn't look as bad as I imagined. And I think it's a good addition.

Impose your limits to your children, you fathors.

Then there is the limit thing. This is something I was thinking a long time ago too. I had some skills that I wanted to put some restriction, especially for making the battle more interesting as it progressed further. Nothing I tried satisfied me, so... yeah, limit bar. This is a group-wise bar btw, so choose wisely. It can appear more than once in battle, but it all depends on good old damage. Still, as of right now bosses have just enough life to make it appear once. Let's see what happens with later bosses.


That's all for now! See you later, gotta gammak.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log! #57 Late but happy holidays everyone

This might not have a thing to show, but... yeah.

Not much on this department, but happy holidays everyone! I got a Raspberry Pi and a brush pen.


Good things about life:
- Pretty much done with college, which means more gammak.
- Have a job, which means less gammak but in the other hand I can pay my taxes for gammak (which is good).
Bad things about life:
- I've been sick since I got into vacations. No gammak for me for some days. However...

Thanks Kenshiro, you're my best support.

Still, while sick I tried to work on whatever I could while in bed. Like conceptualizing parts of the story. Then I read a part of the Eddas to refresh my mind. Some things in Dreki are very loosely based on Scandinavian mythology so... yeah.


I've been mapping too, nothing out of the extraordinary. Just some houses, and made a prototype version of the next world.
NOTE TO SELF: This 2019 get to Niflheimr (second world).

Also reworking enemies and characters elemental affinities. Just realized that, especially enemies, are pretty much blank. I was working on a weak/resist model that I liked. Finally have it. So... yeh.


And... yeah that's pretty much. Sorry for the slow progress. I take as much free time as I can for this. I've also dealt with a couple of bugs, done improvements to lots of code, i.e. recovered lots of FPS in battles, polished details in certain things like elements/states display and all other kinds of things. However so little is perceivable that... not even a GIF this week.

These are the elemental icons. Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Wind and Earth. The RM vanilla ones, I've always liked them and also got accustomed to them. Tried to make them simple, and due to certain specifications needed them to work in monochrome.

And that's pretty much it for now, next time I'll try and explain the element theory. I might have talked about it before, but I redid it a little, so... yeah.

Thanks everyone that reads.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log! #56 Happy 11/11! Yay!

Happy... something today! Hope you got all the things you wanted in your Helloween. Whatever you wanted from it :^D!

In an attempt of early Kurisumasu, I got a gift for you all. It's papercraft!

^ Download by clicking the image above ^

I'm planning to do more of these for the rest of the cast, so... FILL YOUR DESK WITH DREKIRÖKR! >8D


In other news, the game is slowly getting there. I've been polishing MORE stuff. I've been however a little less in the dev chair (producing content), and more on the research chair (watching GDC talks, playing games... wait WHAT? I FINISHED ROMANCING SAGA 8'D!). Then ocasionally putting the writer hat, fixing plot holes. Other times implementing small cool features via programmer hat. And other times producing pixel art thingies with the artist hat.

I also finally squashed some very nasty bugs that had been pestering my devlife since a long time ago.


I like to include images in my posts, so here goes some.

Animations now have better support for moving battlers.

Some things in the GIF are already fixed, like the weird jump it makes at the start of the animation, some others are still pending. But I feel animations are finally taking the shape I want. This one is very simple, just needs the flares and the fluff at the top to be considered finised. :^D But I'm planning to do some move inspired by Kenshiro's ATATATATATA or Jotaro's ORAORAORAORA.

Some visual effect for certain enemies.

This other thing was something I just wanted to make. It's made using a DLL, I finally achieved something when working with Bitmaps through C++. So yeah, it opens possibilities.


And that's it for now. Time is running out, but this year, new demo.


Progress Report

THE Captain's Log! #55 Uwaah no demo but this guy actually breaths underwator (not really but clickbait)

Sooo yeh. A month has passed, and I've got lotsa news (?). Or something like that. I must first revise what I've said already and what not. xD

Ok so, first let's recap the interface reworks.

First off, victory screens. I divided it into experience/AP points and spoils, in order to fit things a little more... uh... better? Spoils also support scrolling so in case I decide to throw a bunch of USELESS KREP into your face, you're gonna get it. No limit as in vanilla RMXP. Yay?

That considering I made monsters have unlimited amount of treasures, that again to let me do whatever I want, mwahahahaha!

Second off (?), scanning enemies popup has been remade.

Just like the victory screen, I divided it into two in order to fit more stuff better.

Both of these also led me into tweaking the enemy enciclopedia a little.


Now, there is a lot of stuff content-wise in the works. There is already one new mission, and another two being worked on (one is pretty much finished, the other one was actually a mission I did for the first demo as a showcase sort of thing, that I just need to revise and maybe update a little .-.).

When those things are done, it's gonna be demo time :^D! And I need to finish up a town, but yeah. You can go around 4 continents, they're pretty barren but I wanted a sort-of-open world experience. I'll be adding content to these as small unimportant things. It's part of what I want to do with the game, make the world feel extense and explorable (?).


Another thing to note, I'm redoing the intro. It's still in the works so I'll not show a thing here. Lots of placeholderish art and things still not made, and bad animeishuns. It's not gonna be the AAA experience (?) but it's gonna be something I guess. 1:33 minutes of intro, yay... But you still get to move and do crep before the 5 minute mark, which is the thing I want.

There is also... this!

And this!


And this...

And... oh yes this...

I add things as I want, because I'm freeeee to be whatever aaaaaiiiiii whatever I choose adadaadaadaaaadaaaaaa.

Anyway that's it for today, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simuletorrrrrrd.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #54 - My last log was about a log being a joke? xD

Hello! Long time not appearing here.

In all this time I've taken quite a retirement from RPG Maker stuff. Though I returned from time to time. But anyway. I've been mostly away from all, but now I think the spark came back to my heart (?). In other words, I almost died. I've been... thunderstruck! YEAH YEAH YEAH THUNDERST--ok no I've been fine, no problem at all.

Anyway. Back to RPG Maker progress thing. At least the most current things I've been doing, my memory is quite blank.

- First of all, reworked the battle backgrounds thing. I posted an image some days ago so I'll reuse it here.

Oh look at that scrolling "sky"! You guessed it right, it's a sky.

Backgrounds have several kinds of animation, but yeah, this is one of them: scrolling parts (?). The other one is based on multiple frames, it's meant for small changing things like flames in the background and stuff. This is how the files look.

The $s at the start is the amount of money I'll get for its existence.

More $, more layers to the animayshun (as top layers). It also uses ! for back layers, so I was able to do something like this too.

BTW, beta version for a train background. So yeah, that's why everything looks bad.

- There is now an item gained popup for when you gain/lose items. I've removed all "You obtained XX" texts. This should simplify things for me in the long run.

Shiny shiny Moon drop, please make the moon... drop?

- I also used pretty much the same UI graphic for journal update notifications.

Now please open your menu, and look at it!

And of course, did several UI updates in order to match styles. IDK, I like how the little changes look.

Savefiles now have a screenshot as background.

The main menu is pretty much the same, but with more texture and darker, I think it looks ok.

And I like these new windowskins, had to change some code to make borders MOAR THICC.

Other changes include several fixes to gamepad support, some more lore introduced in form of journal entries, and... I need to continue with the towns and ship travel events. But yeah.

There is progress, I think. :^D


THE Captain's Log #53 - My last post was about a joke?

Hi! I've been out of this world for a while, doing things here and there. Not gonna say I'm back but long time no seeing you all. :^)

Since this is a blog about Drekirökr I'm gonna talk about Drekirökr. It's not cancelled. xD. That's pretty much it. I've been investing my time in other activities, learning Unity, and stuff. Previous semester was painful and had so little free time. But yeah.

For the time being Dreki is stagnant since all I see every time I open it are either bugs or performance issues. And now I've got a competent laptop. And it's still crappy performance. I hate it because I want Dreki to be top percentage in quality. :'D

Since my time in Earth is coming to an end in around 60 years (I guess?), and I want to see Dreki finished, I'll probably stop caring about bugs too much (it will get down to Ubisoft standards). And I'm sorry for that. This makes me really sad but hey, Dreki started as a learning experience. I'll probably remake it someday, when I have thousands of money to spare and invest on the stupidiest but most sentimental project I could put my hands on. Because I love this game. xD

I've got not much else to say, and nothing really to show, so here is a picture of a doll I made.

For now I'm working on another project and planning to participate in two small conventions here in my country. I'm looking at making this profitable, next year is my last year in college. I'll have lots of extra free time since I've got, like, 4 courses left in the plan. That along this semester, and the two next year. So... I will take that time building my portfolio, look for some jobs, and of course, DREKIRÖKR. ♥
This semester is weirder since I'm in another career, but I've decided to stop that, just finish what I've got this semester then focus on finishing graphical design.

In the mean time, thanks to everyone that supports this game. I'm sorry for my inconsistency as a developer. And I hope everything goes well to you all.


THE Captain's Log #52 - Popular demand

Hello! Just came out to the conclusion that, considering popular demand, I should take this twist and go for it with all. Now, be prepared, this is serious business.

After some images leaked on facebook (I already erased the corresponding images but the damage is done, you can check any extra ruckus here: https://www.facebook.com/ragnarokrproject/) concerning Hikari's sexuality, I've received like 100 personal messages here, 1000s in facebook, and a bunch in a host of others, asking about turning the game into a hentai RPG. I don't know how this happened but oh well, I'm more amazed than you probably.

Considering the amount of downloads, I've taken the decision to give it a try. So yeah. Expect to see large amount of boobs, secz, succ, kek, etc, in the game. Specially etc.

Aside from a overall tone change, this game plot is now about a girl called April losing her virginity with a cactus. The game's new name is April's First, and I will update it right now.

Happy holidays.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #51 - Translations

You know, every time I reopen the game and test it for some time, I realize of my English level. It's horrible, and/or my writing is not good. I like conversations the old cheesy way, like the old Final Fantasy games from SNES. But still considering that, everything is poorly written anyway.

I would like to ask if there was anyone willing to give a look to the translation. Though it will be after the game is finished maybe, since I add new text lines everyday. I once talked about this on Chaos Project and there was someone willing to help, but since this game development has been so long I wonder if that person is still there... "orz

But anyway! That's one point of this ramble. Let's put here recent dev stuff.

I've added some water bubbles for when you're over water tiles, just to make it not feel like painted soil (?). Made better use of the "blood splatter" code I nabbed some day, was using for footsteps, and rewrote it because the idea was good but stupid at the same time and poorly coded. Being worse than my own code is something to worry.

(I call this "the Gak link", or just to my personal amusement, the dudbear unrelated story -oh I'm so interesting...-).

Also now there is a weapon sprite visible in battle for when they swing it, like in Final Fantasy, RPG Maker 2003, or those Yanfly scripts. I don't use icons, but still I rotate the graphic to save up some work. I still need to make 300+ enemy sprites and finish up 4 more animated ally battlers each of 60+ frames (maybe less, I try to reuse as much without comprising their quality, I love my babies -?-).

(And this is the no-no link, Fuk this youtube is playing with me).

Last but not least, I opened a soundcloud account and started uploading the music there, up to where the last released demo is. It's for anyone interested in hearing the music on their leisure time (or productive time, mind you). 23:44 minutes of hard work from people I esteem.

Thanks for everyone's support, I feel glad to be here. Love you boys and girls. Captain signing out.

(You know the drill. New demo release, soon, not confirmed when, much sorrys).