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THE Captain's Log #49 - Maglev, bugfixes and New Parnassus

  • orochii
  • 03/03/2016 04:45 AM
Hello people! Your captain speaking.

This week I have been working quite a lot. Since this is the only free week I'll be having, it's, like, vacation = work on Dreki all day! Because it's my favourite thing to do.

So, yeah. Things I've been working. First is the maglev. Didn't knew how to call it, but it's a small transportation device that works pretty much like real magnetic levitation trains, except it's not a train, it it comprised of only one bug-shaped small cabin-wagon. Thing.

I seriously had no name for it, so let's just call it maglev!

The maglev is used for travelling between Fierro and Aleko. It's available to be used after you get to Aleko. It's for reducing backtracking. And it costs 60£ per passenger. There are some things to be refined, but I'll work on it later, there's WAY too much essential stuff to do.

Let's talk about new places. I've made New Parnassus, the kind-of-capital of the world of Midgard (more like the most populated because all cities have a meaning/importance). It's supposed to be the biggest city, so there are lots of (not accessible only meant to "decorate") houses.

New Parnassus has some story behind it. The old Parnassus was destroyed by monsters. This is something better explained in the game, but the main thing is survivors of old Parnassus now live in New Parnassus. The old city is now just ruins, filled with monsters. And mystery.

The Combat School (that thing at the top is the school) and the Barracks were made here in order to reinforce the defenses available. We don't want another tragedy!

Now, let's talk about bug fixes... Since the past blog update, many things have happened so let's see if I can remember some things.
- Fixed a bug at battle events that repeated each turn. Some stupid unnecesary code that was resetting a flag. MEH!
- Counters now behave properly. They broke because of reasons.
- Thanks to KK20 the game doesn't crash so often in Win7/8/10. It's actually a very funny bug in RGSS3 (wonder how do I find that funny xD). Thanks KK20! You and Blizzard are the real men this world needs!

Also a good friend is now helping me with music. He's awesome, and you can check his work here: https://soundcloud.com/aarl/abyss-battle-four-noble-devils

And that's all for now! Cheers mighty readers, thanks for doing it! (Reading).



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Maglev is such a boring name. Try alliterating the word "rail" or "train" or even "bug" with some lore from your world. Parnassus-Rail. Alekkotrain.
Worldbuild, man!
I would have to say using the word rail or train is too cliche and obvious. Maglev is unique and cool! I like it. It kinda looks ugly as a written word, maybe it needs an extra letter in there somewhere? or a slight change..Maglift, Magline.

Nice tunes
Bugline! Bwahahaha! I don't know, I took maglev from the real trains that levitate using magnetism. But I think I like magline. I'm not using train because according to the basic description from Wikipedia, it doesn't qualify as a train. Rail could be, but maybe for the actual rails, not the transport itself, magrails for magnetic rail.

How about Maggorail? Maggot and magnetic plus rail.
Maggorail's actually pretty good.
What about MaggoTrail, or even MagTrail?
One of the most promising game here at RPGMaker.net. Major props.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I actually like Maglev too, if it matters!
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