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THE Captain's Log #51 - Translations

  • orochii
  • 03/10/2017 02:36 PM
You know, every time I reopen the game and test it for some time, I realize of my English level. It's horrible, and/or my writing is not good. I like conversations the old cheesy way, like the old Final Fantasy games from SNES. But still considering that, everything is poorly written anyway.

I would like to ask if there was anyone willing to give a look to the translation. Though it will be after the game is finished maybe, since I add new text lines everyday. I once talked about this on Chaos Project and there was someone willing to help, but since this game development has been so long I wonder if that person is still there... "orz

But anyway! That's one point of this ramble. Let's put here recent dev stuff.

I've added some water bubbles for when you're over water tiles, just to make it not feel like painted soil (?). Made better use of the "blood splatter" code I nabbed some day, was using for footsteps, and rewrote it because the idea was good but stupid at the same time and poorly coded. Being worse than my own code is something to worry.

(I call this "the Gak link", or just to my personal amusement, the dudbear unrelated story -oh I'm so interesting...-).

Also now there is a weapon sprite visible in battle for when they swing it, like in Final Fantasy, RPG Maker 2003, or those Yanfly scripts. I don't use icons, but still I rotate the graphic to save up some work. I still need to make 300+ enemy sprites and finish up 4 more animated ally battlers each of 60+ frames (maybe less, I try to reuse as much without comprising their quality, I love my babies -?-).

(And this is the no-no link, Fuk this youtube is playing with me).

Last but not least, I opened a soundcloud account and started uploading the music there, up to where the last released demo is. It's for anyone interested in hearing the music on their leisure time (or productive time, mind you). 23:44 minutes of hard work from people I esteem.

Thanks for everyone's support, I feel glad to be here. Love you boys and girls. Captain signing out.

(You know the drill. New demo release, soon, not confirmed when, much sorrys).