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THE Captain's Log #52 - Popular demand

  • orochii
  • 04/01/2017 05:53 PM
Hello! Just came out to the conclusion that, considering popular demand, I should take this twist and go for it with all. Now, be prepared, this is serious business.

After some images leaked on facebook (I already erased the corresponding images but the damage is done, you can check any extra ruckus here: https://www.facebook.com/ragnarokrproject/) concerning Hikari's sexuality, I've received like 100 personal messages here, 1000s in facebook, and a bunch in a host of others, asking about turning the game into a hentai RPG. I don't know how this happened but oh well, I'm more amazed than you probably.

Considering the amount of downloads, I've taken the decision to give it a try. So yeah. Expect to see large amount of boobs, secz, succ, kek, etc, in the game. Specially etc.

Aside from a overall tone change, this game plot is now about a girl called April losing her virginity with a cactus. The game's new name is April's First, and I will update it right now.

Happy holidays.


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This game plot is now about a girl called April losing her virginity with a cactus.

This sounds like something that Mister Big T would probably make, lol.

Nice to see you as well get into the spirit of the April Fool’s day shenanigans, my man. Nice work. :)
It's an April Fool's joke?

*puts various items away*
What is an April's Fool joke? A miserable pile of secrets.
The secret being that I really want to turn this into a porn game, jk

I'll turn things back tomorrow. I want to make a little conmemorative something first, xD. No wank involved, don't worry.
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