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THE Captain's Log #53 - My last post was about a joke?

  • orochii
  • 11/05/2017 05:03 PM
Hi! I've been out of this world for a while, doing things here and there. Not gonna say I'm back but long time no seeing you all. :^)

Since this is a blog about Drekirökr I'm gonna talk about Drekirökr. It's not cancelled. xD. That's pretty much it. I've been investing my time in other activities, learning Unity, and stuff. Previous semester was painful and had so little free time. But yeah.

For the time being Dreki is stagnant since all I see every time I open it are either bugs or performance issues. And now I've got a competent laptop. And it's still crappy performance. I hate it because I want Dreki to be top percentage in quality. :'D

Since my time in Earth is coming to an end in around 60 years (I guess?), and I want to see Dreki finished, I'll probably stop caring about bugs too much (it will get down to Ubisoft standards). And I'm sorry for that. This makes me really sad but hey, Dreki started as a learning experience. I'll probably remake it someday, when I have thousands of money to spare and invest on the stupidiest but most sentimental project I could put my hands on. Because I love this game. xD

I've got not much else to say, and nothing really to show, so here is a picture of a doll I made.

For now I'm working on another project and planning to participate in two small conventions here in my country. I'm looking at making this profitable, next year is my last year in college. I'll have lots of extra free time since I've got, like, 4 courses left in the plan. That along this semester, and the two next year. So... I will take that time building my portfolio, look for some jobs, and of course, DREKIRÖKR. ♥
This semester is weirder since I'm in another career, but I've decided to stop that, just finish what I've got this semester then focus on finishing graphical design.

In the mean time, thanks to everyone that supports this game. I'm sorry for my inconsistency as a developer. And I hope everything goes well to you all.


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It happens to the best of us. To be honest this games look makes me overlook the flaws of RMXP. Good luck on your current endeavors
I love this blog post.
Aww thanks peeps, you make me blush.
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