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THE Captain's Log #54 - My last log was about a log being a joke? xD

  • orochii
  • 08/01/2018 04:35 AM
Hello! Long time not appearing here.

In all this time I've taken quite a retirement from RPG Maker stuff. Though I returned from time to time. But anyway. I've been mostly away from all, but now I think the spark came back to my heart (?). In other words, I almost died. I've been... thunderstruck! YEAH YEAH YEAH THUNDERST--ok no I've been fine, no problem at all.

Anyway. Back to RPG Maker progress thing. At least the most current things I've been doing, my memory is quite blank.

- First of all, reworked the battle backgrounds thing. I posted an image some days ago so I'll reuse it here.

Oh look at that scrolling "sky"! You guessed it right, it's a sky.

Backgrounds have several kinds of animation, but yeah, this is one of them: scrolling parts (?). The other one is based on multiple frames, it's meant for small changing things like flames in the background and stuff. This is how the files look.

The $s at the start is the amount of money I'll get for its existence.

More $, more layers to the animayshun (as top layers). It also uses ! for back layers, so I was able to do something like this too.

BTW, beta version for a train background. So yeah, that's why everything looks bad.

- There is now an item gained popup for when you gain/lose items. I've removed all "You obtained XX" texts. This should simplify things for me in the long run.

Shiny shiny Moon drop, please make the moon... drop?

- I also used pretty much the same UI graphic for journal update notifications.

Now please open your menu, and look at it!

And of course, did several UI updates in order to match styles. IDK, I like how the little changes look.

Savefiles now have a screenshot as background.

The main menu is pretty much the same, but with more texture and darker, I think it looks ok.

And I like these new windowskins, had to change some code to make borders MOAR THICC.

Other changes include several fixes to gamepad support, some more lore introduced in form of journal entries, and... I need to continue with the towns and ship travel events. But yeah.

There is progress, I think. :^D