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THE Captain's Log! #57 Late but happy holidays everyone

  • orochii
  • 12/27/2018 05:33 AM
This might not have a thing to show, but... yeah.

Not much on this department, but happy holidays everyone! I got a Raspberry Pi and a brush pen.


Good things about life:
- Pretty much done with college, which means more gammak.
- Have a job, which means less gammak but in the other hand I can pay my taxes for gammak (which is good).
Bad things about life:
- I've been sick since I got into vacations. No gammak for me for some days. However...

Thanks Kenshiro, you're my best support.

Still, while sick I tried to work on whatever I could while in bed. Like conceptualizing parts of the story. Then I read a part of the Eddas to refresh my mind. Some things in Dreki are very loosely based on Scandinavian mythology so... yeah.


I've been mapping too, nothing out of the extraordinary. Just some houses, and made a prototype version of the next world.
NOTE TO SELF: This 2019 get to Niflheimr (second world).

Also reworking enemies and characters elemental affinities. Just realized that, especially enemies, are pretty much blank. I was working on a weak/resist model that I liked. Finally have it. So... yeh.


And... yeah that's pretty much. Sorry for the slow progress. I take as much free time as I can for this. I've also dealt with a couple of bugs, done improvements to lots of code, i.e. recovered lots of FPS in battles, polished details in certain things like elements/states display and all other kinds of things. However so little is perceivable that... not even a GIF this week.

These are the elemental icons. Fire, Ice, Water, Thunder, Wind and Earth. The RM vanilla ones, I've always liked them and also got accustomed to them. Tried to make them simple, and due to certain specifications needed them to work in monochrome.

And that's pretty much it for now, next time I'll try and explain the element theory. I might have talked about it before, but I redid it a little, so... yeah.

Thanks everyone that reads.