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THE Captain's Log! #58 SPECiAL (?): Demo release Date

  • orochii
  • 01/03/2019 07:41 PM
7 de Enero, 2019
2019, January 7th

Drekirökr Demo v2018

This works more like a self-imposed target date, but it should be doable unless I get sick or something. :'D Things left to be done in order for a release are three, of which one is almost done. The longest one is actually retranslating the texts (from Spanish to English) since there is some that I rewrote, and a lot that are new, and I work in Spanish first as is my native so... yeah.

Also the translation is dated, so hopefully I can do a better job now 8D.


Other news, let's see. I talked a bit about elements last time. I wanted to pretty much simplify copy/paste element ranks, so I did this.

I'm lazy enough to make an easy element rank setter. C:

Basically, I made an element rank table in paper, considering some basic rules for the 6/8 elements.

Resulting in something like this.

Uh... yeah.

This is not something essential to know since you already have a scan skill which you can spam (only accessible for the main character though). But following this pattern it should make things easier when remembering what things are enemies weak to.

(I also tried giving each element a color, and making enemies an element corresponding to their coloration, but in some cases it's kind of ambiguous -what element should I give to a grayish enemy?- so keep in mind, I tried, but it's not fully consistent).


Anyway, what else?

Characters now can equip two accessories, so you can combine effects or whatever

I was thinking about doing this for quite a while, and finally said "yeah why not". The thing I wasn't sure was about space in my equip screen, but then I made it and I think it doesn't look as bad as I imagined. And I think it's a good addition.

Impose your limits to your children, you fathors.

Then there is the limit thing. This is something I was thinking a long time ago too. I had some skills that I wanted to put some restriction, especially for making the battle more interesting as it progressed further. Nothing I tried satisfied me, so... yeah, limit bar. This is a group-wise bar btw, so choose wisely. It can appear more than once in battle, but it all depends on good old damage. Still, as of right now bosses have just enough life to make it appear once. Let's see what happens with later bosses.


That's all for now! See you later, gotta gammak.


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Exciting news!
That custom equipment menu looks really good.
On the other hand sorting out elements by colour might go against nature of some monsters. Let's say you have a blue bird. Is water a good element for it?
I'm glad to see progress on this project.
Yeah, the element thing resulted in some weird stuff. Some are understandable but others ended up having whatever.

I mean, if it's based on an aquatic bird and it's blue, I guess it would make sense. But certainly for some monsters I tried to bend the rules because otherwise it didn't make sense.

I mean, some make sense I think. Mole->Earth, Flame->Fire. But the fairy I just had to bend the rule to extreme, because I set on Wind being blue and said "Ok she has blue hair I guess". xD And the insect is Ice because... uh... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then here is this one, which has Light element, which is almost like non-elemental aside from being weak to Gloom (dark).

But... yeah.
First download! Ironically, I was just watching Star Trek TOS :D
Now you can play... Drekirökr - The Original Game.

Enjoy! C:
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