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THE Captain's Log #65 - Four numbers away

  • orochii
  • 02/05/2021 04:16 PM
Hello my friends. Captain speaking. Yes I'm still kicking!

Hello youngsters! It's me again!

Today I come particularly with kind of a question for anyone left here who still reads blogs. Yes you! Post something below! I don't do it for the buzz I swear! But let me introduce you first to the group customization thingie. The vein of my problems.

If you are free, you don't get paid. Nah you still do, don't worry.

So, let's get into business, shall we? I'm getting to the part where this comes into play. What is this you say? If you've ever played Final Fantasy 6, you might remember that classic Nintendo Moment when you are splitting your characters in half between multiple parties. Well, this is that.

So, right now the problem, or more like a game design issue, is how do I set up restrictions to the system, or if there is any need for restrictions. You see, the basic idea behind this is I wanted a system where the characters could logically go and be doing something in one place, while other were doing something else, somewhere else. For the player there should be a gain in the fact that you're covering multiple plot points at the same time, and for me and my OCD, you don't have like 10 guys standing behind and doing nothing while their "friends" are risking their lives against a giant cockroach monster that defies the world's order.

So I invented this. Copyright 2069 me.

Initially I would leave the player decide when to use the multiple group system, and I will. But the first time it gets introduced, it is required. I might rethink this, in case it just becomes 100% inconvenience, but it will be used there, and at other point in the story. Basically, I haz a split party device! :kittythumb:

Now the thing that currently bugs me is the restrictions I need to put in place.

- When required, you can't have less than a specific number of groups. This means leaving one of those groups empty. This restriction is currently in the game.


- When a group is too far away from another, you can't exchange party members. At the moment that means at a different map, maybe around 3-4 tiles away.

- Lastly, the characters at the FREE slots (inactive members) should only be accessible from specific areas. By that I mean, those are the reserve, so they're probably far away. For now the idea is having them only at the Academy of Aleko.

This is your base of sorts.

...And yeah that's all from that.

Other than that, I've been doing some reworks here and there, some scenes have been improved, some battles have received a little bit of extra oomph, because they deserved it. And... yeah.

This animation are the changes being made to the game.

I'll be back.