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Bug Report Center
We want to listen you. Please feel free to comment any issue you have with the game. All comments will be taken into consideration.

Any strikethrough text mean the issue was solved.

Date for next update: January, 2020

Found issues on Demo Version, January 2019
Tileset small fixes --DONE
Missing weapon pivots for Alice battle animations --DONE
Missing sprites for Alice --DONE
Missing Alice's skill tree background --DONE
Several missing skill icons for Alice --DONE
More highlight to current actor --DONE
(Re)Make Ruins of Parnassus graphic on worldmap --DONE
Gamepad support on bank/journal not working properly --DONE
Ship step sounds, shouldn't sound like a human walking --DONE
Ship animation at sailing has incorrect color tone --DONE
Tile priority changes/fixes --DONE
HP/MP marker on type 0 doesn't update properly --DONE
Travel on ship needs to update last checkpoint --DONE
Skip intro/cutscene things --DONE
Double comparison / spending MP when using a skill --DONE
Non-targetting items not working, there's no code for multi-target items --DONE
Animation's Y offset not being properly set --DONE
Broken Y offset on map animations --DONE
Repeating counter attacks (data not being reset) --DONE
Map shadows are missing customizable offset property --DONE
Mirror animation script positioning correctly --DONE
Shields/gauntlets using weapon's sprites on battle --DONE
Refactoring of Parnassus mission for new demo --DONE
Some multi-hit moves are repeating more than they should (unexpected behaviour) --DONE
Better ordering for beastairy entries --DONE
Skill tree malfunction: upgrade a skill with no available upgrade --DONE
Fixed bug in animations that move their target. --DONE
Action window gets over help on actor 3 turn (needs testing) --DONE
Switched controls in menu for consistency with character cycling in map (LT/RT <-> PUP/PDOWN) --DONE
Fishline in mission "Letter for Sirus Blaque" gets stuck randomly --DONE
Update current zone after teleport --DONE
Battlers aren't changing direction in order to attack enemies in pincer battles
Animations getting locked for no reason (needs better diagnostic, but rarely happens).
Lots of passability/priority issues at Mount of Parnassus --DONE
Reset button for Training Cave's pillar --DONE
Skip scene not erasing all pictures --DONE
Missing animations / unfinished skills: Ignite, Snowball, Cutting Wind, Ragna Edge, Shooting Star, Pearl Wind --DONE
Unfinished enemies: Bysen, Bunyip, Enfield, Uktena, Huldra, Dipsa, Echeneis, Seps, Myling, Alraune
Axes small buff --DONE
Skill debuff: Absorb, Ragna Edge --DONE

Found issues on Demo Version, June 2015

MISSING ANIMATIONS: Punch*, Kick*, Leather Glove*, Typhoon* --DONE
MISSING ICONS: Serpent skin*, Spiny skin*, Cleave*, Double Attack*, Leather Whip*, Leather Gloves*, Life Rain*, all Minuet passives* --DONE
MISSING GRAPHICS: Minuet overworld --DONE
Floating battlers: Crocodile, Lime --DONE
Stuck flames --DONE
Vance's character has a problem. --DONE
Chest Key's map graphic (glitter) changes direction, something it shouldn't do! --DONE
Use item background image on inventory screen has outdated parts --DONE

Change default configuration to Wait Mode --DONE
Hidden battlers can't be affected by animation opacity reset (I know what I mean) --DONE
Map animations aren't following the source event. --DONE
Battle results screen should include information about each character's gains --DONE
Check Lightningrod: It could be misbehaving.
Spiny skin tends to counter things it shouldn't! --DONE?
Language selector should save the last selected language. --DONE
Why the hay Minuet's description isn't being shown when the game is in English? --DONE

Training Cave redesign: main puzzle less effective than optional boss' one --DONE
A little wait after exiting the cave, because there is a "perspective change". --DONE
Also the exit event should be moved down one tile... --DONE
Great Architect's imaginery needs to block passage! --DONE
Why the heck the church treasure is a plain useless sword? --Actually it's Life Rain, need the ID to fix it on the langs o.o --DONE

Downgrade some parts of Minuet's equipment --DONE
I think I should up a little monster drops... --DONE
Red and Blue Flames should give AP, and NO Experience! --DONE
Hikari's Remedy will be available from lvl1 --DONE