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Before: Breath-taking experience. Now the characters can breathe with ease.
  • orochii
  • Added: 08/31/2015 04:19 AM
  • Last updated: 03/24/2023 03:20 AM


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
The bars are a little distracting but, other than that, this looks REALLY great.
Thanks for that! And yeah, I've been thinking about making the bars smaller, but for now is kind of low priority.
I've been following this project's development for a while and I'm curious. What's the thought process that led to have a whole storm cloud of bars in the middle of the fight, rather than having a more uniform GUI down at the bottom as usual?
A friend grave me the idea. He is not that much into RPGs, so he said the usual GUI bothered him, and grave me the idea of the sepparated gauges. I had status icons over the battlers anyway so I mixed this with that. It also grave me some extra space, so I was pretty happy with the change :).
Wow, these battle sprites are glorious!
I would strongly suggest making enemies line up in a way that prevents their bars overlapping.
^I agree with this guy. The bars look messy. Other than that, cool sprites! Loving it :D
Don't worry, you're not the first ones to tell me that. I'm tinkering on that issue.

Right now, it can actually get even messier... X.X
The reason bars are usually placed at the bottom - there's often nothing else interesting going on there. Even the prettiest pixel lava there is now practically useless space. On the center screen enemy sprites themselves are the main occupation in battle anyway and you'd watch if they change shape or status and whatnot, tougher to keep track of that if the bars keep overlapping them.
Hmm... How about this?

BTW, anyone ever has experienced this error? Happens only on the editor, and it started appearing after removing some blank space from the battlers (at the top, in order to adjust the bars positioning).

I hope re-saving the files does the trick.

EDIT: Nevermind, it fixed it! Something went wrong when saving the files. Happened with Graphics Gale BTW, and was fixed by Graphics Gale xD. Just opened, "Saved as..." and overwrote every file one by one.
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