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Varied information regarding the general gameplay.

Time and Climate
The climate and time system is an addition that gives the world a little of life for itself. From raining to sandstorms, summer to winter seasons, everything defined in the backstage sepparately from zone to zone!
And that's not all, of course. Some nature objects, zones and events will be taking into account the time, date and sometimes even climate.
NPCs get into their house at 18 o'clock.
Gathering herbs will be ready for gathering again in a week.
You will face a conmotion in your favorite town if you see it! And maybe even make it change!
Of course, these events will not have strong consequences in the story itself. Or maybe yes! Who knows? (not even me! --well I do but it's a se-cret).

Gathering and production
Herbs, mining, fishing and hunting. ¿Why would you need a fish when you have THIS glorius potion?
Well, that is true, but for alchemy, cooking and blacksmithing don't.
The system is simply that. There are places to get materials, and you make them. You can get sometimes your weaponry cheaper, or enchant it with something and make it unique! (well, sorta).
The system all around is named "synthesis". While gathering, you'll get an specific minigame for each activity, while getting the ingredients together (weapons, food, etc) shares the same interface.

Actions, Stats and Equipment
Character advancement is based on Actions and "base stats".
Actions are the eligible options for the character on battle (aside from using Items, Running by pressing Z button and changing Row positions).
Base stats are numerical values that influence the outcoming at battle.
Those numerical values are the following...

Life Points- This is the amount of damage your character can withstand.
Mana Points - This is the character's mental health.
--If any of the above drops to zero, the character dies. However, some Actions use Mana Points as execution cost--

Strength - Determines melee damage.
Defense - Determines melee resistance.
Intellect - Determines mental damage and resistance.
Agility - Affects dodge, hit probability, and how fast the character can act.

Base stats change according to character level and equipment.

As for Actions, there are basically two main roles. Offensive and Support. Both roles can affect either life/mind points, or raise/diminish the other base stats, aside from inflicting or removing an altered state.
Also they can be affected by element resistances and weaknesses, or even make a monster much weaker to an specific element (if not resistant).

Actions are learned in three ways. A character learns a small asset of basic Actions by levelling. These Actions can be improved, or even derive, making the character to learn a new different one from the previous.
To learn or improve Actions, you need Advance Points. These are obtained on each level up.

The other way to get Actions is from equipment. A character will always get a main "weapon/shield Action" when equipped with either weapon or shield. Depending on weapon/shield, effects can vary.
There are some other rare equipment pieces that give extra Actions.

And there are also the Secret Scrolls. Secret Scrolls are special objects that, when equipped, give an extra Action. You can equip up to 2 scrolls on the same character. The thing with scrolls is that their Actions are hugely diverse! They will prove to be very useful, so care to find them!


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Very fascinating. Though, make sure to spell Strength right!
Ouu... yeah >8'D, I always mess it when it comes to "th" or "ht". x'D. I'll try to remember that it is "th like the".
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