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This is a game 12-13 years in the making (I quit keeping accurate track). Originally a throw-away project to be completed in a few weeks it ballooned into this massive ordeal with seemingly no end.

It has a main storyline you follow but you can basically veer off the path at anytime and go exploring in some of the many optional dungeons. I've gone for an old-school feel so be careful wandering into territory that may be overpowered for your current state.

What's so great about this?!
Here's the part of the page where I try to entice you to download it. I'll briefly go over some of the features that I believe make this game pretty fun.

Custom Default Battle System

The game uses a specialized version of the default battle system. Basically it's the shell of the default battle system but everything is done via scripts through common events. Here's what this means for the battle system:

1. Ability to program exact damage formulas, which means I'm able to balance the game easier
2. Enemy battle animations; get the shit beat out of you from the perspective of the protagonist
3. The mind stat now plays an integral part in defending against magic attacks
4. Ability to have unique/bizarre skills, such as a Life 3 (FF6) where you revive upon death when casted, an immortality spell, a regen spell, elemental barriers and lots more

There's more but we'll move on to the gameplay of the battle system now. The battle system borrows heavily from the simplicity of the first Dragon Quest game, where it's typically just you and a single opponent, although in this game you'll usually have a helper recruited with you. To make up for this most of the enemies are considerably powerful, so every battle is like a miniboss.

The advantages to the simplicity allow you to avoid situations of running into 5 trash enemies and groaning as you realize you don't have enough MP for an area attack, resulting in the mashing of the enter button for attacks or a failed escape attempt and then further mashing of the enter button as you scroll through all the shrugged off attacks.

The game allows you to customize you or your helper with a myriad of different systems. You can also attempt to recruit any NPC you run across to be your helper. All helpers retain the skills they've learned from the Forum System (one of the main methods of customization) and those skills carry over to any other helpers you recruit. Helpers also retain their level or are advanced to your current level (whichever is higher) so feel free to play around with the 60 or so helpers that are able to join you.

You can also level up weapons to alter your stats or teach you new skills or even get some rare items.

Optional content
In the full game there are only about five mandatory dungeons that you need to complete (only two in the demo), everything else is optional and mostly open from the start. Feel free to explore wherever, just don't be surprised if you get your head handed to you in territory you probably shouldn't be in yet.

More stuff here as I come up with it

Latest Blog

you can download it now

ever since megaupload swallowed the game in 2012 i never bothered reuploading it but it is a fun game with a lot of content so i've reuploaded it finally two years later, check out the downloads page for the game

sorry everything i do takes like 1-2 years!!!


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I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
Has this been completed, or is it still in development?
Has this been completed, or is it still in development?

It's got a ways to go unfortunately
Holy shit, internet timewarp. I remember playing the others when they came out.
Despite being extremely incomplete, it still looks pretty good so far. I've been testing it for a few days now when I get the time. A couple of things, though:

On the menu screen, when you choose "Options" and then choose "Nevermind", a message appears that says "GRAPHIC MAKING SWITCH, THIS SHOULD NOT BE VISIBLE. CONTACT GOLBEZ IF YOU SEE THIS.", so I figured I would let you know.

In SM.net, I have no idea what the forum hint guy means by "dancing" when talking about Xod's Mystic Bakery. Is this forum implemented, or incomplete?

Also, it says that you will get something cool if you master the Steel Knuckles, but they're grade L0 on the equip screen, and they don't gain any exp. Is this a bug, or have you just not finished coding this one? Just wondering.

If anything else comes up I'll try to remember to post it.
Thanks for checking it out! In regards to the graphic making switch, that's been removed now so thanks for pointing that out.

About the dancing thing, it's really a shitty way to open the door to xod's bakery and is so obscure I've been meaning to take it out for awhile but never could come up with another good hiding place. Basically just do a figure eight around the ferns in the middle of the room a few times, you'll know if you're doing it right.

Steel Knuckles is technically a grade 2 weapon, but all grade 2 glove weapons aren't implemented yet. You can only find up to grade 2 of any weapon so far and the gloves are the only grade 2 weapons that haven't been coded in yet so you shouldn't run into that problem too much.
Cool, thanks for clearing that up. After joining all the regular forums I found the Happy Note, but I'm not quite sure what it is. It seems like a number of spaces you have to walk from somewhere, but I have no idea where to start.

Oh yeah, just wondering, as far as those stairways, ladders, ropes, etc. around SM.net's entrance go, are those unfinished areas, or do you just have to fulfill some requirements to gain access? The same question applies to the fort to the southeast.

I also noticed that I can't get advice from or sell weapons to MogOfGlory as Dragondyne. I don't know if you just hadn't worked on that yet, or if it was a bug, so I figured I would go ahead and mention it, just in case.

Also, I can't believe I forgot to comment on how strange this game is. This is a bit of a strong point in my opinion, as lately I had been wanting to play a weird RPG generally filled with random whackiness, and I stumbled upon this. Just as an example, Mr. Spoon's little 80s synthpopesque video thing, although lame, was just bizarre enough to be funny. And that trippy little montage that wizmo induces was another "WTF, lol" moment. Hopefully there will be even stranger parts ahead. Anyway, I hope you can get at least a couple more areas in this game finished soon, so good luck on this, RPG Party, and anything else you may be working on.
Sorry for the late reply:

Happy note is some super secret way to gain access to the hidden forum. The embarrassing part about this is that it's so super secret and the way there is hidden across multiple events in the game that I've completely forgotten how to access it or what the Happy Note is even for. In fact I have no idea where to even find the note anymore, if you can message me where you found that thing that would be cool.

All the ladders around SM.net are for show at the moment, but I have plans to change the layout of the outside of it to make it a bit larger so you'll be able to run around outside the castle and whatnot.

Sorry about the MogOfGlory bug, I just noticed what you were talking about and it was something blindingly simple like forgetting a switch. It only affects Dragondyne at the moment, so sorry about that :(
Just an FYI, but your dl is down do to MegaUpload's demise. You might want to upload to a new site, though from your blog it seems you were planning a drastic update and may not wish to re-upload until it's done.
i should prolly mention in my related blog post that the latest download isn't just the same download from two years ago. i've actually done some work on it since then (SURPRISE) although to be honest it's mostly QoL improvements and tweaking but there's a whole damn lot of it at least.

the demo you'll find on the download page is most definitely the latest version you can get as of june 20th 2014 now to just wait until somebody finds a gamebreaking bug in the first two minutes and i'll reupload another one tomorrow
Awesome! I was starting to worry that you might have given up on it. It's great to hear from you again and to see that you're still at it. Well, it seems that a few files are missing, since right at the beginning, when Reidman looks outside, it immediately shuts down with the error message "Cannot open file don_collection_2". Also, it has all 15 files saved in various places with various characters, and they either cannot open "don_collection_2", "blue", or "red_future". Good luck with this, and I will try it again on the next upload!
now to just wait until somebody finds a gamebreaking bug in the first two minutes and i'll reupload another one tomorrow

haha totally called it. sorry about that, i'll fix it ASAP
okay i got it all fixed now! i just moved all the rtp files into the game folder which i should've done a long ass time ago, it's not like a whopping 5mb is going to make a difference at this point
Well, now a few music files seem to be missing. Most notably, the "Forest Maze" theme from Super Mario RPG no longer plays at the beginning, and neither does that song that plays when the protagonist is first selected and crashes the car into the tree. Neither of the 4 songs that Skulryk plays will play, either. Also, it seems that in the window skins, only half of the files are there, as the skins "blue", "bubbles", "ff2", "ff3", "lightbluesystem", "lufia2", "mint", "red_future", "purple", "ogre_battle", "lines", and "incomsys" all crash the game with their respective "Cannot open file" messages.

Also, when you choose "Options" and then "Nevermind", the message about the graphic switch and to contact you if one saw it is still there. :P
gah well this is embarrassing. the music issue i think is probably related to the modified disharmony.dll

i'll get it sorted and see if i can test it on an external machine (since this all works fine on mine) so that people don't have to be rm2k guinea pig. sorry about all that!
OKAY sorry x2 for all the issues but I tested it out on a PC that had NEVER RUN RM2K before and now it runs! you don't even rtp! it plays music! it dances! the only issue is that yet again I forgot to remove all my testing save files but that's low priority so i'll leave the download up while I go in and reupload it in a sec.

THE ONLY KNOW PROB: for whatever reason some of the mp3s sound kinda shit, like 90s flash game shit real muffled or whatever. it's not vomit inducing but it is noticeable and I have no idea how to fix it since it only effects SOME mp3s but not others and i've tried every single conversion method known to man to no avail so maybe another day
oh and i keep forgetting about that graphic switch lmao i dont even know why that's there
No problem! I'm glad to be able to help sort things out.

Well, further tests show that getting a Game Over crashes the game, saying it cannot open "Map1256.lmu".

And Gauntlet in the Ninja Forum has an option to buy stuff from him, but he doesn't say anything afterwards. And it seems that Dragondyne still can't sell weapons to or get advice from MogofGlory.

Also, I noticed that the encounter rate is much higher than before, like "every few steps" higher. I was just wondering if that was intentional.

Lastly so far, I distinctly remember getting to that barrel in the bar in SM.net before, and getting the "Super Scissors" from it, but it disappears as soon as I gain control of a character that can recruit Jonk to get him out of the way. Whatever happened to that thing?

Also, I noticed that the encounter rate is much higher than before, like "every few steps" higher.

Really? I think I had the opposite problem. It took forever to trigger battles in some areas. That's strange.

Anyway golbez, I forgot to mention how nostalgic this game makes me. So many sm.netters that I completely forgot about, too. You can definitely see that there's a lot of love put into this game, it's pretty inspiring in a way.
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