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Ed Wood

If you thought the RM scene has no good trash games anymore, then this will prove you wrong. "The Legend of Dragon Phalix 2", made with the RM2000 by golbez and an anonymous friend of his (who is not his wife), has everything a trash game needs.

What kind of story do you expect when playing a game like this? It shouldn't be too ridiculous which means the hero needs some kind of funny goal to reach. Running around and just "doing anything because we all know the game will go on" sucks. Either does "doing jobs for some mighty kind of god" or "leaving home to have some funny random adventures" or anything like that.
In "Legend of Dragon Phalix 2" the protagonist has to find a game which he is told by a ghost of a mysterious horseman...

...will be the most awesome one ever made and has been lost in the internet. It's name is... DRAGON PHALIX 2! Unfortunately we won't see anything of it in the game, not even one screenshot, but why should we care? We have something better anyway: "THE LEGEND Of Dragon Phalix 2"! The protagonist has to visit Dr. Light who should be able to bring the game back. And so the story moves on. Finally he finds the game, but then the end of the world is incoming and he has to get home to play it, before he dies...

I don't think you can make a much funnier story for a joke game. So it wasn't too retarded, but still retarded enough to give it...
4.5 out of 5 points

You don't run around and talk all the time. The game has some little challenges included. Unfortunately some of them are annoying like the supermarket game. There you have to avoid old grandmas, so that they can't force you to carry out their groceries for them, and find the exit.
Another one was to fight for the United States and to kill everything that has no stars and stripes on its clothes. This one was very hard, because you lose a lot of energy very quickly.

Nice ideas for mini games, but the way they were done in RPG Maker was not always very good.
3 out of 5 points

They were crappy as hell. Tons of styles mixed, empty maps. At least some graphics were selfmade like the tiny version of the main character for example.

1 out of 5 points

Different kind of midis from different video games, film etc.
Nothing special. Some overused stuff.

2 out of 5 points

As said I liked this funny little game, but it's hard to compare it with serioues non trashy games. It's entertaining, but very crappy. Therefore I decided not to give it a rating score.

"RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAAAA!!!" (~ some guest role in this game)


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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Isnt the title screen from animorphs?
Isnt the title screen from animorphs?

Yes it is... one of the books.
I almost forgot to thank you for this review. Honestly you probably spent more time on it than we did making this game.
I just love this game. Hahahahahaha.
Without a doubt there is not one game that is better than this game here.
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