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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

The entire game takes place in Sabine Kingdom and the island that it rests on. The island is constantly shrouded in snow, but for some reason, no one ever feels cold. Plants continue to grow despite the snow, so there is no danger of a food shortage. There has never been a need to question this, so the residents of Sabine Kingdom are blissfully unaware.

Though of course, our prince--Snowe--is not blissfully unaware any longer. A dream leads him to combing through his parents' library and learning that something is amiss. What is our prince to do except try and fix what he had found? He can't just sit back and pretend like he hadn't read about a girl being locked in a tall tower where she may one day die from flames that threaten to burn her. No, he can't do that at all.

Please visit the Wordpress for more information! Before asking me for help with a puzzle or boss help, please read the guides! A lot of potential questions are answered already. If you find a question that is not answered, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll do my best to answer.

Latest Blog

Russian Translation

Hey all!

AnnaLacrow (https://twitter.com/vampirella6543) contacted me here to do a Russian translation for the game! As we know that is a huge undertaking, but it's finished and now available for download on the itch.io page!

Now your Russian friends can enjoy it too! Hurray!



Welcome to rpgmakernet, Vinicius.

People take criticism really seriously here, since--for most of us--game design is a labor of love, not something we have the luxury of doing professionally. There tends to be a lot of back-and-forth here when it comes to giving a game negative feedback, with creators and fans and critics all getting involved.

I hope you're not scared away by the internet backdraft effect that got sparked off in here, and I'm glad you made an account to give some feedback. Honestly, I think if you'd said "the hard bosses ruined the game for me", no one would have jumped on you. That was the spirit I read your post in, and that's what I still feel like you meant.
It's like toothpicks against a tank

Vinicius's post was not inflammatory or unreasonable. He's just someone who happened to dislike one feature of a game that is generally held in high regard.

We have to allow for dissenting opinions. I didn't used to take criticism well, but since my 3rd indie game was released, I've met dissenters with a smile and a thank you, rather than telling them how rude or wrong they are. After all, if they're taking the time to comment about your game, they like your game enough to care about what they think is wrong with it.

did someone say angels
I get the feeling that English isn't Vinicius's first language. Cut him some slack - it seems like he just used poor wording.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Poor Vinicius, he didn't know he can't voice his opinions when they go against the majority. :p

I only tried the demo, the setting and story seemed interesting and mysterious, although I didn't like some of the writing, the graphics were beautiful an detailed (footprints! luv me some details!), but I didn't like the excessive overlays.

Didn't like the battle system aesthetics and "feel", so I stopped playing.

Congrats on finishing a game(!) you'd like to play, Ronove (and team)!
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What does game(!) even mean?
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Too... much... hate... around here. (or a case of missing emoticon to convey emotion :p)

It's really rare to finish a game! It takes a lot of work and dedication, thus I worded it so that it meant "congrats on finishing a game!" & "congrats on finishing a game you'd like to play!".

I was a compliment.

(you can use "(!)" to express admiration or surprise at something in the middle of a sentence, but since it's in brackets you can also ignore it and read the full sentence)
What does game(!) even mean?

I think he's misusing it.
I've seen it in some Japanese writing, but I'm not sure what it's actually
supposed to mean.
EDIT: Whoops, he explained while I was typing.
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Who was hating? XD I was just curious cause I had no idea what it meant.
Just stop dude. You made an exceedingly stupid statement and trying to defend it will only make it worse.

The game is challenging, yes, but a strategy of buffs, debuffs and status effects are enough for all the bosses. In the playthrough I'm doing for my LP, the old skeleton in the catacombs (a particularly notorious fight) got his ass kicked on my first try thanks to Sleep, Poison, the Scary Mask/Child's Cornet and lots of healing. It's fine if the challenge of the battles was more than you were hoping to deal with, but using the word "ruined," as if the game crashes every time a boss fight starts, is epic fail.

And by the way, people DO have the right to defend their work from criticism! People's complaints aren't mandates to be obeyed unconditionally, just suggestions to be accepted or rejected as per the creator's judgment.

Funny thing is, I never even used either of those items, and yet I still beat every boss in the game with little to no frustration. Maybe I'm a masochist?
Just finished Star Stealing Prince and I have to say, it was amazing. I enjoyed every second of it! Good work! (P.s. Love the Snowmen~)

I can't decide whether I'm bad at this game, the game balanced it badly designed/far too "jumpy", or if I'm supposed to grind more. If it's the latter, the game really isn't set-up in a manner which facilitates grinding, but it's no worse than having to leave/re-enter areas in Grandia II.

I'm only as far as the first real boss, though, really haven't had as much time to play it as I wanted. I'm loving the graphics, the dialogue and the storyline, I can tell you that much :)
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Are you using your items? I made a lot of the bosses with the idea in mind that you would use all you have at your disposal (buffs, debuffs, poison, etc). So if you haven't and you're having trouble, try giving those a whirl. I know the battles in the tower are hard if you just have Snowe on your party because he's only one person, but I'm sure you can brave through it!

I hope you have fun with it! Glad despite the battles so far you're enjoying it. :)
I just finished the game and I have to say, I'm really impressed.
I heard there was a prequel to this game is that true?
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No, not in the sense of a full prequel. I have been writing little short stories that take place before the game itself (they are on my star*cadets site), but as for a full game or whatnot, nope. I'm glad the game impressed you!
I honestly felt that the challenge in the game was pretty fair. The enemies weren't overpowered, however they weren't too weak either and I was a little under leveled. The bosses are nowhere near as hard as your making them out to be. If you use strategy you should be fine. In addition to that the dungeons weren't ridiculously long and you can save at anytime (the game even tells you when to make a new save slot). The only time I felt that the game was a little unfair was with the Dream boss (you only have three people for a very powerful boss) and the Final boss (the fight was way too long). If you think this game is unforgiving then try Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (awesome game, but really difficult when you first play it). That game use save points and has some pretty long dungeons. Also the Trumpeter is an unfair boss because of his ability to fully heal you (or himself) or instantly kill you (there is a set pattern to the nonsense, but if the MC dies its game over).
On the first boss I wasn't prepared for the difficulty level, but when my poison worked on it I was like NO WAY and I love that you allow for status effects in boss battles. The second time around I was much more prepared and used all their skills and thoroughly enjoyed myself! It felt within my control based on the strategies I used. If I screwed up then I paid for it. I beat it the second time around and it felt very satisfying.

I'm so bored of typical RPG fights--especially in FF where they just throw more HPs at a boss to make it more "difficult", which results in long repetitive drawn out battles--not my cup of tea. So kudos to you for standing up for your decision to make your game challenging in a thoughtful way. I usually end up at the end of games with all the items still in my inventory, never having needed them, so it feels surprisingly good to need to use the items I'm given in SSP.


I found a bug? In Astra's room in the Eastern Tower I realized that if I searched a crate from the side it prevented me from being able to collect the treasure in that crate--for good. I noticed it after being slaughtered by the above-mentioned boss and not having saved my game, so I reloaded and went to get the items again, but only two of the previous three were there (because I searched one from the side). So I reloaded again and tested it out several times and it occurs with 2/3 of the crates (the third being unable to be searched from the side due to its position). I haven't been in another location yet with crates to check if it occurs on all crates or if it's just the ones in that room.
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Lorel wakes people up quickly (and so does the Old apparently, but that boss is either super easy or super hard)! Some people don't even think to try poison (or even sleep! Sleep works very well if you needed an extra turn for healing!)! I'm glad you came back at him with a vengeance. >:3 As for using the items in SSP, I'm always bothered when people hoard items. I do it too but that's mainly because a lot of games you don't NEED to. So I wanted to put people in the mode of using them so I also make sure you get them aplenty.

The only boss that probably has too much HP is the final boss and I've been thinking seriously about knocking down the HP some (initially it was so it made you feel exhausted to reflect how Snowe felt, but I think most players don't think of it that way). I've been trying to comb through the game for any other bugs before I make out a new version though. If you do find any, please let me know!

For the crate bug, it's not necessarily a BUG per se, more like an oversight on my part. I had a habit of copying and pasting event set ups so like bookcases if you explore it looking down. I wanted to prevent people from checking a bookcase from the side so I think I just copied those events. I'll definitely give the crate checking events a go through since you're right, that doesn't make sense, haha.

I'm still very glad you're enjoying the game! *hugs*
It seemed strange to me, though, that checking the crate from the side wiped the treasure from the crate. If you check a bookcase from the side, then search from the front again, you still get the text, but in the case of the crate you just.. didn't get the treasure ever if you checked it from the side first. Which I guess is why I considered it a bug more than just an oversight.

And yes, I am very much enjoying this game!
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Oh, it just wiped it? I should not reply to posts when I'm falling asleep, haha. That IS a bug. Definitely checking that out. Wait, like were you halfway underneath the ceiling tile the crates are up against?

Replaying my game, I figured out what it was. The switch to turn the treasure off was activating even if you looked at the create facing the wrong direction. Whoops!