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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

The entire game takes place in Sabine Kingdom and the island that it rests on. The island is constantly shrouded in snow, but for some reason, no one ever feels cold. Plants continue to grow despite the snow, so there is no danger of a food shortage. There has never been a need to question this, so the residents of Sabine Kingdom are blissfully unaware.

Though of course, our prince--Snowe--is not blissfully unaware any longer. A dream leads him to combing through his parents' library and learning that something is amiss. What is our prince to do except try and fix what he had found? He can't just sit back and pretend like he hadn't read about a girl being locked in a tall tower where she may one day die from flames that threaten to burn her. No, he can't do that at all.

Please visit the Wordpress for more information! Before asking me for help with a puzzle or boss help, please read the guides! A lot of potential questions are answered already. If you find a question that is not answered, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll do my best to answer.

Latest Blog

Russian Translation

Hey all!

AnnaLacrow (https://twitter.com/vampirella6543) contacted me here to do a Russian translation for the game! As we know that is a huge undertaking, but it's finished and now available for download on the itch.io page!

Now your Russian friends can enjoy it too! Hurray!



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The only thing I can really suggest is talk to more ghosts? It's been SO long since I've even looked at this game I'm not sure why there wouldn't be on there if a ghost said there was one.

If you spoken with the ghost who is the reason for the phantom boss (pretty sure he taunts you or something? and Snowe reminds you there are probably other ghosts around), right after that another ghost should have appeared in the room near the water.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Well after Snowe says there should be more ghosts around nothing appears around the water. It should be in the same map the phantom is, right?
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Do you mean the boss phantom? Then no. In my infinite wisdom I was actually an idiot and put the ghost you have to talk to in another room. I don't know why I apparently thought it was a good idea at the time.

If you're following the guide and you really do mean the boss phantom, then you skipped ahead too fast in the guide and got confused. Go back to the main big room and get to the southern exit (if you're having issues finding it, turn on your map arrows). In that room there is a waterfall and there's a ghost at the very bottom. After him then you go north and talk to the ghost that appears near the water. And I've checked, if you talk to the ghost/phantom/whateverthehellicalledit and after he taunts you, the right variable is switched to make the ghost/whatever show up near the water in that room.)

I've definitely learned my lesson with underground caves...
i have only just started playing this game, it seems interesting, but i am here right now just to say it is so freaking gorgeous :O like, i have never seen rpg maker game be so beautiful. and even some bigger games, like, they are nothing compared to this one. it is just... words can't express how gorgeous it is ^-^
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Aww, thank you gothicmiriel! I'm glad you think so. I hope you continue to enjoy the visuals and have a good time playing the game. :D
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Ver 3.2
Random thoughts includes spoilers

i cant help but wonder why a noble has no gold. you'd think they are rich in most ases or have a good amount of money anyway

i love the world map movement!

the exploration and secrets are fun :3

i got revenge against the bird! :D

its interesting going around town seeing how peoples attitudes changed.
what i don't understand is why people would freeze to death. and if your parents were the ones who saved the town how did they survive before they came?

:O i am so happy you added a area skip function! i was thinking about that since i saw it in another game.
cant recall the name tho...

the statue name part was slightly tedious. also pretty stupid as they forgot their names but know when you give them the wrong one...

sometimes i hate the respawning enemies. it might be the worst in heaven

i never found a flamma 2 tome for snowe...

on the way to the western tower. there is a chest across some jumps. is it really not possible to get?

the astro puzzle sucks do we we have to look up information online to solve it!?
after a painful amount of effort the answer was...
only the 1st 2 of which were learned in game. gemini is the one that makes the least sense. how does that tie in with weight?
one representation of it was a man and a women so was that referring to life? if that was the intention it doesn't make sense.

its pretty bad that the name of the game is only based off the ending.the game has nothing to do with stealing stars and only a small amount to do with them at all.
to make matters worse...if she was support to repair stars i don't see why you couldn't take them down at her tower.
she has a similar device

if the floating place fell because the king and queen died...that means all magic should stop upon the death of the caster. this creates a major plot hole as hiante for example who was created by them still exists

how come Astra didn't get a special skill at the final cave? yeah she gets a special sword if you found it but...

...i cant believe that people forgot stuff at the castle...all the hard work we did to help these worthless bastards and they have the gull to tell me they couldn't even get everything they needed done?...

the game was dragged out...we shouldn't of had this dream sequence...

its...not...over...i hate this game!

should be able to save on the boat

i think the dev of this has it out for people. a sequel is cruel and unusual punishment!

General 10H 22M
This was a mixed feelings experience for me
what i didn't like was the battles (just tired of the mechanic in general)
,how dragged out it was and a certain puzzle.

The mapping,characters avatars,grammar,battle system/balance,hidden content,story,occasional artwork and ending were good.

despite having more pros then cons for me. i did not enjoy this
but its a good game and definitely worth a play.

Q spoilers
hiantes wife and daughter are definitely dead is there any more information on them?

who was the mother of the old kings child?
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Random thoughts

The dream sequence ties the game back to the beginning of how it all started. You certainly could have just skipped the dream sequence if you wanted to. Just because there is a sequel doesn't mean you have to read it. If you disliked the story, then it's better that way you don't. The game stands alone just fine and the sequel is made if you liked the story as a whole and wanted more.

The puzzle was Capricorn (the slaughterer/there was a note for this), Aeris (ram!), Gemini (middle of the sky, again was a note for this), Libra (scales), Virgo (maiden).

I do agree the respawning enemies was a bit much and have definitely taken that into account for future projects.

For the Hiante problem, I figured in my head that in some magic way because a wizard did it, he survives because of his own determination at that point and partly because of Astra's magic now. Clearly she doesn't want him gone so subconsciously she and even Erio would have been giving him magic to keep going (but yeah, it's something I generally forgot about so lol)


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the battles, but I suppose it's not for everyone. I do agree the astrology puzzle I should have done better (though I did place hints in the Original King's bookcase as far as I recall). I didn't find the game dragged out (there is maybe one part I would say I should have done better with the finding the boat in the cave and the OK's tower, but that's something I'll have to keep in mind for a next game. Certainly can't please everyone.

Q spoilers

Hiante's wife and daughter are dead now for sure, but they probably made it off the island (I think Hiante suggests as much) and lived their life elsewhere. A working theory in my head was that Astra actually is related to Hiante by being a distant grand daughter but I never went anywhere with the idea.

Although I'm sad you did not enjoy the game, thank you for giving it a try. :D Definitely not for everyone!
Snowe is so cute. I kind of ship him with a certain elfish bodyguard... It's heartbreaking to see
him repeatedly damaged emotionally and gradually develop dark circles due to stress and nightmares. The battle against his parents was particularly cruel since they don't remember him and his father even tortured him via electrocution before then. Then came the explanations upon returning to the castle. Snowe looked so... fragile the way he sat curled up and covered in bandages. Kudos to whoever drew that scene 'cause it really conveyed his turmoil to me. When you finally enter his parents' room... well, that's just rubbing salt in the wounds.

When I first started the game and talked to the townspeople. They were all so friendly and some even gave me gifts.
Personally, I felt that they were a bit too trusting letting me into their houses and letting me dust their glasses. But after defeating the first boss and coming back, the cheerful atmosphere had disappeared and the doors were all locked with no one outside. The somber theme that now played drove that point further home. One exposition later and the horrible truth was revealed. The fact that people tell you to leave their houses if you enter didn't help matters either.

The battles didn't require any strategy. All of them amounted to: healing, keep the boss debuffed, buff your own team, and guard against their charged attack. So that was a bit disappointing.
The group of enemies you fight when you turn the teleportation circle in the West Tower to a certain color did kill me however. Though the only reason they succeeded was because one of them hit me with mass-confusion? I don't remember very well. All I know is that they immobilized me and then picked me off when I couldn't do anything.

Funny story about my encounters with bosses... You see, I was fighting the West Tower's boss and I would just get wrecked no matter how careful I was with guarding against otherwise lethal electric attacks with my water character. I'd been holding on to my Scary Mask & Trumpet up to this point without using them 'cause I thought the x1 meant they were single-use and I wanted to save them for the final boss. If I had realized they were re-usable, well, I would not have been killed like twenty times. The dying part wasn't so bad. It was having to re-watch the cutscene leading up to the fight that was tedious. I don't suppose there was a skip function for what you've already read? The cycle only broke when I said "To heck with this! I'm using them!" So I did and I realized I was an idiot for not trying that sooner when it turned out they were infinite use. ...At least I beat all the bosses before the West Tower one without them and they were more "challenging" because of that?

So I finally won after that. The way that battle was done was very nice. You know, having to start with two characters and having to survive until the third arrives? It mixed things up and was a refreshing change. The two areas where Snowe could hang out with his boyfriend Erio were a nice touch too. I totally tried to steal his magic earrings (equipment) but they were un-removable. Curse you for not allowing me to satisfy my kleptomaniac urges!

Anyway, debuffing is extremely vital starting from that boss all the way to the last one. They will just massacre you if you don't. Who knew toys from children would help you save lives and defeat ancient beings of incredible power? I do have one problem with them though the fault lies more in the status condition display than the items. You see, it only shows like the four most recent debuffs/statuses inflicted. So if you go over that amount, you won't see the icon for the oldest effect. This becomes an inconvenience when a debuff runs out without you knowing though you'll realize that when the boss smacks you for unmitigated damage. If you're wondering, it's poison (Relenia) and burn (Snowe) that I usually dispense on my enemies (though Relenia's water attack dousing Snowe's burn makes it tricky to apply poison sometimes). Then when Hiante learned 'Sandstorm' I would apply its blind as well.

Now, onward to the topic of Ultimate Attacks. Well, I find that Astra's is outclassed by her party buff/healing one which is better overall since it increases the damage output of everyone rather than doing like 900 dmg which everyone else's Ultimate also does. I usually use hers first and then Relenia's which debuffs enemy defense. So with Astra's dmg buff and Relenia's def debuff, I can maximize damage with Snowe and Hiante's Ultimates. The only flaw to my plan is when their attack misses. It totally sucks when it does. I've even missed some times when I had Hiante use Focus to increase his accuracy. All that build-up for nothing.

Next is plot and presentation:
It was delivered masterfully. This is where it shines. Every time you reconvened with the Advisor (forgot his name) you knew some important information was about to be learned. But what was really amazing to me was the build-up to the optional and final bosses. When you do end up fighting them, you're definitely filled with the motivation and desire to see the defeat of an antagonist plaguing and mocking you the entire game.

"And this is what happens when I give you way too much freedom! You bring in a guest that wrecks everything!"
"I had many chances, you know."
"But that stupid king that summoned me thought you were cute! I couldn't even make him slice your throat like he should have!"
"Would have saved me so much from this trouble that your family created--that you continue to create!"

"Snowe--distract him! I think I remember that spell the read me used against Lorel!"
"Give me a minute! I can weaken him a bit more than he already is!"

"How dare you--you stupid bitch!"
"I've killed you countless times now and you think I'll be tamed by that spell?!"

"He's lying to bide himself time! Hurry before the spell wears off!"

That was one of my favorite scenes due to dialogue. The other is when the final boss says that he'll kill them all and devour their souls and that their deaths were a long coming. It was quite villainous. But the clincher was when Snowe shot back with his 'The Reason You Suck Speech'.

"Yeah, what they did was terrible--but you're just killing innocent people! You should have died a long time ago--but you still cling here to
an empty island."
"You're insane and I will stop you from harming my kingdom. I'm not going to die and we will take you down."

Hmm, while the final battle is impossible to lose so long as you keep the debuffs active and guard against the Focus Attack (essentially you do the same thing you did for every other boss), I did love how all the townspeople chip in to help and that they show you that they've got your back. It reminds me of Persona 4's final boss if you've ever played that.

My favorite tracks in the game are 'Royal Rumble' which plays during the fiery climax against the Demon and the theme for when the boat is sailing away. It's a triumphant sound that instills you with the feeling that everyone is safe, we've won, and our troubles are over. 'Course, that makes it all the more jarring if you're on the Bad End route considering the awful thing that happens next...

You've definitely heard it from others before but the backgrounds are beautiful; a lovely Winter Wonderland. The way the houses are lit give their interiors a warm and snugly atmosphere. As for the Snowmen scattered across the island...
I enjoyed the conversation with the last one and definitely appreciated it giving me Snowman Mittens, removing Snowe's ice weakness and preventing freezing (though I don't think I've ever encountered any monsters that inflict it).

I also went back to Sabine after everyone evacuated. Got the Green Ribbon for my troubles. Makes me feel like Cloud Strife.
You see,FF games have Pink Ribbon, an accessory which also gives all-status immunity but can only be equipped by females under normal circumstances. Cloud ignores that 'cause, well, he cross-dressed at one point, hehe.

Have you seen the fanart of this game that people have drawn on Tumblr? I have. My favorite is this Chinese New Year one. If that isn't an indication that you guys have done a stellar job making this game, then I don't know what is!

So no progress on Maladaptive Daydream? Maddox's cuteness is on par with Snowe's. Same with Eagen in Homework Salesman. I've developed a fondness for the way in which the characters are drawn. It has a distinctive style to it that ties all your games together.
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Thank you for playing I'm glad for the most part, you seem to have enjoyed it! I personally did all the art for it so I'm glad the art helped bring out emotion from the scenes.

I have see the fanart of the game! I try to reblog it when I see it and that piece Risa did is definitely one of my favorites. She did such a nice job!

For Maladaptive Daydream I am at an odd place with it. I know what I want to do with it and have outlined it pretty well (so I know when story bits happen and why they happen) it's just all the visual things I need for it I can't do well enough to match the vision I have for the game. So right now I'm still deciding what I need to do to have it match while I work on other things in the meantime.

Having you mention my art and hearing you have a fondness for the way I do it makes me smile though. I'm really hard on myself since I don't think I do very well--just well enough that I have it for my game--but hearing that it's resonated with you in someway makes me smile. Thank you for that!
I've played this game, thanks for making it ^-^

brief thoughts:

likable characters
enjoyed the story
great atmosphere, cozy and creepy
portraits and arts with unique style
has a guide, great
cool world map
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Thank you for playing, Caladium. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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I guess I'll bite. Why is it sad?

Edit: LOL I see it now. I thought I fixed all the stats accidentally going down when they level up. I guess I did not. My bad. Snowe just got less dexterous (I can't even remember wtf the stat even does) that level.
Whoa! Where'd you come from? Did you by any chance have the Erio's ability to teleport!? You demon you lol.

Yeah, Snowe's dex + agi went down anyway thanks for the super fast response Erio!
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I spent like 10 minutes looking at that going "what's wrong with it???" I didn't even notice the agility. Sorry about that!
I should have pointed them out, my bad :p
The tone you set for the game is genius; exactly what I wanted to see in a JRPG. Prince Snowe has very real responsibilities before the game has even begun just like any hero should. Yet he is so kind and brings out the best in people, almost no-one who considers themselves human would think about actually opposing him, right?

It manages to truly feel like a journey of exploration, mystery, and danger. Snowe gets the dubious honor of exploring unknown eldrith locations where every corner is just slightly scary for not knowing what is behind and simply due to the otherworldly nature of the setting. Well done.

but can you nerf the bird it is a bit much for a first boss fight
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Alex, I laughed really hard when all that warm and fuzzy turned into "plz nerf the bird". Poison him, debuff his stats, put him to sleep and heal up while he sleeps. I'm not going back to adjust anything in the game unless there is something game-breaking. I have other things to work on. Maybe I'll upload a savefile that's god mode so people can sail through if they'd like to just see the story.
The tone you set for the game is genius; exactly what I wanted to see in a JRPG. Prince Snowe has very real responsibilities before the game has even begun just like any hero should. Yet he is so kind and brings out the best in people, almost no-one who considers themselves human would think about actually opposing him, right?

It manages to truly feel like a journey of exploration, mystery, and danger. Snowe gets the dubious honor of exploring unknown eldrith locations where every corner is just slightly scary for not knowing what is behind and simply due to the otherworldly nature of the setting. Well done.

but can you nerf the bird it is a bit much for a first boss fight

I love that bird as the first boss. It's serves as a statement from Ronove saying "If you think spamming your strongest attacks will get you through this game, think again."

I never lost to the bird, but it set the tone for how to fight bosses for the rest of the game. You have to use strategy, not brute force. Status effects are not just for show, like most other RPGs. Incorporate them into your strategy or lose. The choice is yours.
When the plot event happens in town why is it that the snowman don't have any new lines of dialogue? Surely they saw what happened, right?