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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

The entire game takes place in Sabine Kingdom and the island that it rests on. The island is constantly shrouded in snow, but for some reason, no one ever feels cold. Plants continue to grow despite the snow, so there is no danger of a food shortage. There has never been a need to question this, so the residents of Sabine Kingdom are blissfully unaware.

Though of course, our prince--Snowe--is not blissfully unaware any longer. A dream leads him to combing through his parents' library and learning that something is amiss. What is our prince to do except try and fix what he had found? He can't just sit back and pretend like he hadn't read about a girl being locked in a tall tower where she may one day die from flames that threaten to burn her. No, he can't do that at all.

Please visit the Wordpress for more information! Before asking me for help with a puzzle or boss help, please read the guides! A lot of potential questions are answered already. If you find a question that is not answered, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll do my best to answer.

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Did you like SSP and wanted more? Do you like reading??

Because of reasons, I've finally uploaded the sequel web novel, Ephemeral Prince to itch.io as an EPUB and a PDF. So, if you wanted to ever read Ephemeral Prince on your phone and not connected to the internet, now you can!

I figured this warrented a blog post, so I hope those who liked the game and liked the sequel will enjoy Ephemeral Prince on the go.

Maybe one day I'll make a game again, but today is not that day! Enjoy some old ass writing because it's like 10 years old! (which means SSP is older ugh)



I didn't end up using many super-rare heal items; this isn't Last Scenario. But if you really do need them, I'd say the best place to use them is the beginning, because many of them mimic skills that you'll get later anyway, and you'll get more later besides.

And wait, you don't have Cura? You should go back and explore the dungeon some more, I'm pretty sure you can get Cura by that point. If you're having trouble with the full-party attack, it'll be very helpful.
I didn't have problems with Last Scenario... but I didn't play it all to the end and I didn't do optional bosses(I know there were some strong ones if I remember correctly). But the beginning was easy. But I remember another game I stopped playing: Chronology of the Last Era. This had one very hard robot fight at the beginning and I think a lot of people complained there. Because the normal monsters were strong too and you used a lot of items at them. Waiting for the new version there and try it again. Also I'll try Star Stealing Prince in a few days again. Maybe. I always do it like that if there really is a problem. Somtimes if i try it again a few days later it feels a lot easier. Playing some other games now.

And no. I don't have Cura. According to the blog/ guide you get this later at hedgemaze.
You thought Last Scenario was easy?! o_O That game made me want to throw my computer through a wall! How far did you get? It's true that the early game is fairly easy, but the difficulty ramps up fast. Did you get to the Marid King at least? I think that's a good turning point marker for the difficulty. Believe me, SSP is child's play compared to the mid-game.

To be honest I found the later (and optional) bosses to be easier, because by that point your strategic options open up immensely. Once you start getting things like Warding Charms and the high-level spellcards, you can really counter almost anything enemies can throw at you. The problem is more in the beginning, where you don't have that protection.
First of all I have to say that I was afraid that this wouldn't be as good as I thought it'd be but boy did it sure surprise me. Not only was it badass but it was also so very well made as well, I so love this now! ^-^
I found bug in chapter 6 - the dialougue in when you go to Sabine Town is repeating. Here is video:
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michael95: Yeah, when you leave town (enter the map with the gates), they are back on your party. When you go back into town, they tell you they're going around exploring. And they'll keep doing that as often as you go back and forth. If I do another update, I'll fiddle with that a bit so they don't repeat it unless you have actually entered back into the world map :)
I'm stuck when I fight The Old in the catacomb.
I already at level 12, but it's really hard. Please help!
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Did you try following the strategy in my wordpress? He can be put to sleep if that helps (put him to sleep, heal up, prepare, etc.).
Ah, never mind that. I never know that Child Cornet and Scary Mask is unlimited.
Now, I'm stuck again when I fight Phantom, why the skeletons won't talk to me?
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Have you talked to the one that actually talks to you (the one that admits to summoning the Phantom?)? I should write up a write-up for that map because the caves make it a bit confusing to find them.
so i completely forgot this existed for a while after getting ~1/3 of the way through it, because i got distracted by work and school and whatever. then i found it on my hard-drive earlier today and booted it up and played straight through to the end and verdict: it owns

it really nails the "classic jrpg" feeling of having design choices that are weird and nebulous and it's just what it is without really being "good" or "bad". that maybe sounds like a bad thing? but it shouldn't at all. i guess what i'm trying to say is it feels like its trying to do its own thing rather than something striving to be the perfect rpg or whatever the hell

which in turn sounds cheesy and dumb but it's true and great

i'm even going to replay it just to get the bad ending, and being compelling enough to warrant replaying is (in my eyes at least) kind of a huge milestone for rpg quality that most don't manage to reach

in summary, where the hell is the green ribbon (i think it's the only missable thing i missed) oops i mean A++ would play again

thanks for having every NPC healing thing in the final battle occur immediately after i used Radiance, DICK
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Hahaha, bad timing for Radiance then! :P I don't think there was a way I could plan around that. Darn you players; being that random part of battle I can't control. >:T

The Green Ribbon is back in the castle (the Library Helper that tells you about it says it's there). It's in the sleeping quarters which is past the magic room and down the stairs. If you have trouble finding doors, press S I think to turn on your arrows that indicate where the doors are. :)

XD And thank you for your kind words! :) I really appreciate it.
yeah it's not an issue re: the Radiance thing, just a dumb/funny coincidence that happened all 3 times

i guess i missed the part where the Helper says that because i was sort of rushing to finish before it got too late! oh well, i'll just get it the next time

also, you're welcome! thanks for making an awesome, charming game (and making it short enough for me to finish; wish retail rpgs wouldn't all try to be 80 hours long)
This may be a noob question. But do I need to purchase the rpgmakervx to be able to play this game? Because I've gotten through multiple errors and now it says it can't find the rpgrtp when I try to play the game even though I downloaded the &^%# thing.
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@omnimatt: The RTP is free to download and install I believe. What is the error you're getting exactly? And have you tried downloading the w/ RTP version? If installing the RTP doesn't work, then downloading the w/ RTP version should, and if it doesn't, tell me and I can see what's happening.
V.2.1 is the one I downloaded and looks like it's the one that's supposed to have the errors fixed. It gave me the RGSS2 error so I googled that and downloaded a quick fix. Now when I click on the exe for the game it says "RPGVX RTP IS NOT FOUND". I downloaded it off of http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package and I installed it and I went as far as saving the Star Stealing Prince folder into the RPGVXAce folder that's supposed to have the RTP and vise versa. Thanks for your help.
Ok well forgive me. I found the w/RTP version. I didn't realize I could find more downloads by clicking on the small download button up there. But if this doesn't work then I'll put down another post. Sorry for any confusion.
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@omnimatt: Wait, V.2.1 gave you an RGSS2 error (it shouldn't at all)? What exactly did you download as a quick fix, I'm really confused over here. I know you said you got it working, but all those words together have me worried! @__@
@Ronove: The version that you have advertised on the main screen as the latest version that fixes the RGSS2 error definitely gave me the error when I tried to play the game. I just googled RGSS2 and downloaded a DLL-files.com fixer onto my computer. It appears to be a free trial version of a computer defrag/Ccleaner that tries to tell you that your computer is all jacked up and that you should buy their full product. It fixed the RGSS2 error for me so it's all good. The other link that you provided StarStealingPrinceFullwRTPV2.1 is the version that works perfectly fine. But just not the one that you have advertised on your main page. I'm using WinRAR and I guess that's pretty standard. But in any case I just think you may have provided the wrong download on you main page and I just simply had to click on the "download link" to find the w/RTP2.1 version. Or else I'm just completely computer illiterate. ^^
@Ronove: And by the way. I'm enjoying your game. You know how to create an interesting story that makes the player wonder how it's going to unfold. Your bosses are a bit hard but I guess trial and error is the key. I beat the bird on the second try when coming back from the Princess' Tower and I died twice on the skelleton in the catacombs. Anyway I'm bad with names but it is a very interesting and creative story. ^^