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Hi & Bug Woes

  • Ronove
  • 10/25/2011 04:34 PM
I've been meaning to put this up here for a while, but I was waiting until I had a better demo ready. It's not ready to be uploaded yet, but will be soon. Hope you like what I have here. I'm really terrible at these things.

And now to the second part of this blog (which I updated far later than when I put up this entry).

I hate bugs. I hate bugs that I don't know WHY they happen. For instance. You get skills when you equip certain equipment in my game. Those skills go away if you take off that equipment. I don't know why, but Snowe decided he wanted one of the skills back. I had on him one equipment, changed it in favor of another and the skill was gone. Few battles later, the skill was back!

And then those same equipment skills randomly disappear too. Which I haven't been able to figure out either. Hence why I don't have that demo ready for this place yet. I hate bugs that make no sense.

And another one! A second member of your party joined in like god mode. Somehow the game had given her all her available skills. When that isn't even set up in the database. Since you learn through finding books in my game. I don't even know. I fixed that, but it made no sense when it happened.

I really think this game is messing with me and I have no idea why. :|


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did someone say angels
Looks great! Nice to see you around. :)
More like Misao Stealing Prince
Aww, thank you Sailerius! :D I hope to stick around for a little bit.
Haaaaunted prooojeeeect...!

Out of curiosity, how are you going about equipment skills? I admit, I have no clue how I'd help, to feel free to not mention, ah-hahaha! Either way, much wishing of luck for squashing further bugs.

Quite glad to see this on RMN. I like having the notice system that sends a flashing blue tab my way every time something of interest happens in a project I care about.
More like Misao Stealing Prince
Yeah I like following projects here too, Penta! The notices thing is just so handy. It just took me a while to get over my shyness to put my project here though. Last time a project of mine was mentioned here and won an award on misaos (then again I think it was this site, but under a different name?), my project wasn't treated too kindly, so I've just been a bit shy about being here.

Anyway, the equipment skills and all that are done with a script my friend made for me. She's not available to help me with it because her laptop's dead and she got a full time job so it's really hard to catch her online.

What the script does is whenever a piece of equipment has IP:n in the notetag, it puts whatever skill number n is and attaches it to the piece of equipment. When equipment is taken off, the skill goes with it. That's really all. It has a lot of things to make sure parts of my menu mesh well with it (my status menu shows all your learned skills (except the skills on your equipment because technically, you never learn learn them the way the other skills are learned)). And of course the script also allows me to choose how much of the IP gauge the skills take, but I can't imagine that's causing the problem.

Though currently I have two scripters poking at it to see if they can figure it out, so hopefully one of them finds it out. Cause I'm not good at that stuff at all. ;_; The major problem being that the error doesn't happen all the time. It's just random it seems. >_<

I already had the problem of skills randomly disappearing when loading a save, but I haven't had that issue in this test, but then suddenly I have an issue with a skill randomly reappearing when it's not supposed to. So I dunno. I think my project's haunted for sure.
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