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SSP Demo V.2 for Oct. 27th

  • Ronove
  • 10/28/2011 03:38 AM
So even though I never fixed the bug woes I had before (because I had a few scripters scouring over it with me and we couldn't even find what would cause that), so decided I'd just release the demo anyway. So what's this blog entry for? If you find anything wrong, please put it here! It'll be in a nice neat place and I'd appreciate it.

So if you find any bugs, tell me where and how it showed up!

Found bugs:
1. Keep an eye out when you go into the menu, specifically the item part of the menu. It creates an undisposed window which usually crashes the game. Try to avoid going into the item part of the menu (or save right before and then right after). That way you can minimize your game crashing for the demo. This has been fixed in the full game.

2. The item skill issue that's describe in the notepad file included with the demo.

3. A few graphical mishaps already documented here.

I won't be updating the demo because I don't want to worry about it at the moment. I have fixed the errors above for the final game. I just don't want to get side tracked by trying to update the demo constantly. I should be focusing on the whole game I think.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy playing.


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solos collectors on purpose
Found a minor map error. There's a stray piece of wood in front of Snowe:

I also had a couple random crashes; one of them was right after the blue bird fight while playing in fullscreen. The error message was something like "RGSS2.exe has stopped working", so it's probably the engine's fault, I guess.
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I don't know what causes the RGSS2.exe errors. I can't ever reproduce them so. :( If you can tell me anymore like computer specs and the like, it'd be great. Like did you have too much going on in the background as you played the game, etc. etc. I know one of my beta-testers got it almost every time she got an item, but no one else had that (even from my first demo). So if you can give me more info, that'd be great.

I never play my game full screen (it doesn't work with my screen at all), so if anyone plays it fullscreen and get the RGSS2.exe error, let me know. At least that'll help narrow down what might be causing it.

And that is the oddest error in that house. I don't even know how you got that to show up because in all honestly, there is no reason for a random piece of wood to be there. XD (Edit, ah now I see why--it's how the player goes up the stairs.) Thanks for pointing it out, I'll double check for sure. And now I really wonder WHY none of my beta-testers caught that one! You have to be blind to miss that. XD Sorry about that, Melkino.
The demon steps from the shadows...

Ahh another game infested bugs...my mortal enemies. Thou shall be vanquished by my skills!

At any rate, lately i've been in an rpg maker game mood, and thus, I put my testing skills to use. Note: if there isn't a number next to it, more than likely it's just some of my commentary, and not a bug.

1. I noticed when you are giving an option, skip intro was before watch intro. Personally I think watch intro should be the default option the game has selected, as it's more than likely has alot of the details of said game. Personal preference here, and it's just my opinion.

2. During the intro, one of the lines is: Dreams that fools dream. Shouldn't it be, Dreams that fool dreams? It's your call, and see my statement below as well regarding how I decided to go about my testing.

Not a bug, just a small statement before i continue. Despite my nitpickey nature when it comes to testing, I won't comment on your way of wording things, as it's sort of unique. For example: Snowe: I was just giving a thanks the kingdom is still here. I personally would of left the a out, but it still works. I'm going to try to refrain from commenting on these, but if my nitpickey ways show up. don't pay it too much mind.

On a side note, I do like the intro.

Hate to post so soon but due to a game crashing bug, I will (I type up my findings in notepad first).


3. When you examine that shelf, I get an error: Unable to find Graphics/Pictures//dimmed.

Justworthy edit for more bugs (numbers won't be accurate due to the bugs above, and didn't expect to be editing this soon).

A blacksmith named marth...I wonder if hes an ancestor from the marth in FE.

1. in the armor shop, I go up stairs leading to the right, and I come out on the second floor...except the stairs displayed show it leading to the left. Not exactly how to word this, but hopefully ya get the idea.

2. In the item shop, joshua says: Sorry that we don't have enough for adventures. Shouldn't adventures be adventurers?

3. Someone could abuse your unlimited antidote spot. They could get 3, sell them, and repeat. Granted it would be slow, but throwing it out there.

4. Oh nice, I don't need a screenshot for this since the guy already posted this one of this room. If you examine the shelf in Melkino's screenshot, you can examine it from all sides, instead of just the front (the shelf is the one next to the grey oven).

5. Same place as melkinos screenshot again. If you examine the dishes, leave alone is cut off. I dusted them off twice :).

6. Ahh..don't ya just love my using melkinos screenshot to reference bugs? Thanks for saving me the trouble of taking one btw. It appears you can examine the bookshelf at the bottom from various angles other than the front as well. This can also be done with the jars, but the jars can be seen from various angles, so this one is justifiable...however, you can't see books when standing on the side of a bookshelf.

7. Melkinos screenshot yet again!...jking :). There is however a bug on the second floor of that same house. There is a supposed attempted list of item shop supplies, which can be examined from the normal angle...and the top angle. Now how could anyone read that list when there looking at it sideways...with a giant purple book in the way!

8. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x131/demonlord5000/Youshallnotpass.png

I can't pass under those support beams from that location, and thus name this bug: you shall not pass! I didn't just steal that from lotr...don't worry. As they say...pics or it didn't happen!...oh wait I provided that :(

9. Several more examination bugs. I'm going to stop pointing out specific ones due to there being so many, but ill point out general areas. These are on the second floor of the inn. In fact, just assume theres some in every house, I've found so many I'm going to stop pointing these out.

10. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x131/demonlord5000/standingonatree.png

Easily missed passability, but it doesn't escape my sight.

11. A shame...can't run around the castle in his night clothes, but that isn't the bug. You can't go under some of the areas of that upperhead beam in his room.

This is all for now, as I'm taking a break to do something else. Comments so far: loving all the spread out dialog on various objects, and the npc dialog. I think it is building up the game nicely. Don't feel too bad about all the small bugs I find, I'm a veteran at this :). I found a nice bit of goods in the town (including a spirit gem and a camoflaged snowman in the top left of town). It's not very easy to hide something from me.

Surprised this hasn't been posted on yet, but anyways, back on track!

12. While I was venturing around before going into the wilderness, I talked to mariland, and it says I received 1. When I looked into the menu I saw I had a loving potion (the bug is, the name wasn't listed when I received it).

Finally, the world map! Examining everything took 1 hour, 16 mins and 8 seconds. I just saved to check. At any rate, I like how ya did the world map. Time to go vanquish monsters with my fire spell.

It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to replicate this skill bug either. I've been experimenting with the kings mace, and only once has the skill lightning strike disappeared. I did nothing special to trigger it either...unless it was due to the fact I equipped/unequipped in town, but I highly doubt it.

13. When I beat the 3 spiders, he said pheww.

14. Mwahaha, skill bug...not even you can escape my grasp. I have successfully solved it! It happens when you click to unequip something, but change your mind and cancel it before you unequip.

Sweet, found a magic staff in a secret passage. I'm also curious if that area where you feel a draft has any use...but if it does i'm assuming its later in the game.

Heh, your even good at making bosses (just annihilated that bird), but it will take more than that to give me a game over. I can only wonder what type of superbosses you will make once this game is complete.

Finished the demo. There were various small glitches here and there (pointed out above naturally), but overall this game has alot of potential. The one flaw I say it has right now, is the overabundance of healing statues. Not only were regular enemies a breeze, but knowing i'd never run out of mp added on to that. The mapping, the one boss, and the everchanging world you had going on were nice touches, as well as the fact that exploring everything (including random logs out in the wild), paid off nicely. Keep up the good work!

Seems this is all for now...and all my edits turned this into a massive post!
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All right, thank you for that! I guess I forgot to change something for that shelf. Bah, I feel bad. @_@ Sorry about that.

For the graphical errors--bad beta-testers! I think I need some more hardcore ones cause no one caught the one with Snowe going through the trees haha. For 11, the idea is that there is like a wall there or whatever. I can shift that if people think it's too far off--but you can walk through where you need to. For 12: did you speed through that? Because I cannot get that to happen. I'll do a few more bust testing for that, but you still get the item, I just think people speed through the thing so you confuse the game. I'll try that a few more times for sure.

14. Oh! So much thank you for pinning that down! Now that I know how to confuse the game, I can better fix that. You are a life saver my man.

And the drafty place does, however that's at the end. I'm happy someone found it. Just for peeps like you, it makes my game making worth while.

I have such differing opinions on Lorel. Usually it takes people a game over to realize, hey... perhaps I should try to strategize. What level were you on by the way? I try to make my bosses hard, but at least have a few strategies to beat them.

I think the enemies are too easy because you can abuse Snowe's flame and get extra hits on most of the robed ghosts. But hey, it's the beginning of the game, I figure that's fair. Now the third dungeon...

The statues stop being everywhere after the midpoint in the game. They are everywhere because people believe praying to the angel will help them. The other places in the game? Peeps didn't believe that, so they are suddenly absent. Hence why the sanctuary statues exist.

Thanks so much for the in depth look, demonlord5000! I will most definitely be putting out a second version of the demo after going through it with your notes. Again, thank you so much!
Yeah there were times I went through the text kind of fast (i'm a fast reader), and usually end up regretting because it makes me think I saw a bug, and theres no way to confirm it (this happened with one of those magic guys in the pub at one point (I think it was when I was leaving for the wilderness), but because I couldn't go back and double check I didn't post it.

For my end game level, I was level 5, but i'm pretty sure everyone leveled up from it, so I was probably level 4 when i fought that bird. His attacks were brutal, but the girls recover ability was a lifesaver.In fact, that battle was the first time i had to use a revive herb (bad luck mainly, as the bird got his attack in before my heal went off).

I usually check the site from time to time (but not always), so I can test future versions for ya. If for some reason you can't get ahold of me though, I could always pm my msn.

Glad to see my feedback helped ya out!

Edit: The edit was to correct a minor typo.
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Four is actually the planned level for that boss, so that's good you ended up at four and then at five after the boss (that's how I planned it anyway). There are definitely a few strategies to beating the boss--one being Astra's recover and spamming it. However, because she's slow (and if you don't bring down the bird's stats), she has the habit of being after the boss unleashes a bad attack! Glad you liked it!

Also, as a little update, I think I am pinning down the RGSS2.exe player stopped working. Hopefully I can finally fix that because I know a few people get it and it's gotta be frustrating. Thanks again for playing everyone. I'd still like a lot more feedback if you've played it and are shy about letting me know what you think. I know 90 peeps have downloaded it, and I'm not just having it on this site to look pretty. So let me know what you think if you haven't.
This is a very lovely game - it has lots of soul and the atmosphere is both cute and intriguing. The gameplay and stuff isn't really groundbreaking, but it feels like a very nice SNES-era RPG fairytale-with-something-wrong. I'll be sure to play later releases. Multiple thumbs up !
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Aww, thank you Hasvers! I aimed to get a SNES-era RPG feel so I'm pretty glad it came across. :) Glad you had fun playing.
This game crashes for me when I go into the menu sometimes.
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Yep, I know it does that. Keep going into the menu to a minimum (specifically the item part of it, because that creates an undisposed window). Or if you do, save right before you go into your item menu. I have fixed this bug for the final version, but I haven't had time to really update the demo.

I have also edited the blog now to point out what bugs I definitely know of. I had forgotten to do that.
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