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And a Happy New Year

  • Ronove
  • 01/01/2012 02:03 AM
Oh it's the end of the year! I feel like reminiscing.

Did you know that I first started Star Stealing Prince in February 2010 as a sort of fairy tale? The only thing I knew for sure in the beginning was that the Prince was going to save the Princess from a tower, though she didn't need saving. I didn't have anything else planned but that.

Clearly, I got bored of it simply being a fairy tale, and I opened up RPG Maker VX and decided that I wanted to make a game of strictly RTP graphics so I could finally finish a game. Again, clearly, we can see I changed the "strictly RTP graphics". Though that's pretty obvious. And I also planned for it to be short. No 40 hour epics. That'll never get done. A simple story about a prince fixing his kingdom, now that's a length I can do.

Clearly, length doesn't matter to me! The problem with the first RPG Maker VX incarnation of Star Stealing Prince was that I had begun working on it and kept getting interrupted with school and life. And because of that and in part, the game didn't feel like mine (I wasn't using much art or my own sprite style), I just sort of faded away from it. Though it always stayed in my mind. When my harddrive crashed and took a chunk of progress with it, I said "screw it" and stopped Star Stealing Prince (the VX-graphics version) altogether. I picked it up again as the fairy tale idea to enter into a contest, but then my health decided to do something stupid and I couldn't even finish that.

After a brief hospital stay in March of 2011, I said screw it. I want to make Star Stealing Prince still and this time I'll make it with my own spritestyle, my art, and my lovely parallaxed maps. If I fail the third time (and I was expecting to fail because that spritestyle I decided to use has done in so many of my games it's not even funny), then that's how it is.

At the end of 2011, I think I can finally say that I'm really happy with it. I don't think I'd be here if I hadn't landed myself in the hospital because then I wouldn't feel the need to finally stop procrastinating and finally get something done. I guess it's a price to pay!

I feel good things for the new year. I will finally finish a project that I've given all my skills into. It has definitely had its ups and downs (what project doesn't?), and through it all, I'm almost finished and I almost have a project to show off and to be proud that I actually finished.

Thank you again all you subscribers and anyone who has wished me well with this project! This has me so excited!

And now back to being quiet as I balance a mini-boss, another boss, and then finally the final boss! So exciting!


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You had to land yourself in the hospital for this game!? That's...different.
Good job! it's nice to see that you are close to finishing a game this time :D
And it's funny since I actually had a similar experience to yours in terms of SCREW THIS I'm finishing a game with custom (except mine was rtp!) graphics.
More like Misao Stealing Prince
Haha, I meant Gourd that it helped give me more motivation! No time to be a procrastinator when I can get things done NOW I just choose not to. Kinda like my health is doing fine now (for the most part) so I should make sure to use that time to FINISH something!

Thank you Archeia! Also, I must say your avatar is hypnotizing. Look at her run! :O But yay for finishing games! Finally! XD
Just want to put on the record that I was very upset to be unable to nominate this demo for Atmosphere at the Misaos cause of lack of eligibility. I think that concept about what demos can and can't be nominated should be tweaked for next time but in the end, that doesn't diminish your accomplishment. Really looking forward to playing the completed game!
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