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Star Stealing Prince Finale (V.2.4)

  • Ronove
  • 01/27/2013 04:57 AM
I just wanted to let you guys know I gave the game a very small update and it's now 2.4! Nothing major, just with the second boss of the game, The Old, a tiny graphic change, and a misspelling I feel thoroughly embarrassed about. Apparently during the battle with the Old, his flunkies could use their skills while asleep! No one thought to mention this to me ;O;! That's what I get for setting up skills as events during the battle and forgetting to check if the enemies were asleep...

Anyway, that's fixed now (as with the Old being able to do one skill also while asleep or stunned).

Again, anyone who voted for SSP for the Misaos, you guys are the best. *hugs* Here's hoping I don't have to update the game any further after this!